“Made in Italy” and the buying choices in the tourist and hotel industries.

The Italian culture has a incalculable value abroad, and the Made in Italy mark still determines the buying choices of Italians themselves. History, architecture, creativity, food, nature: few other countries contain such a variety of wonders. Italy is synonymous with authenticity and beauty, with endless new lands to discover, with natural foods.

Even for a hotel or a restaurant, it is still very important to refer to the “Made in Italy” brand, both in their communications and in regards to style.

In the design industry, the furniture companies are increasingly looking to obtain the “Made in Italy” certification, guaranteeing the origin of the goods, the manufacturing methods and the safety of the production, thus protecting the finished products. Ernestomeda,for example, is the first Italian manufacturer producing kitchen furniture, being certified as “Made In Italy”, by the CATAS and COSMOB bodies.

There is also another argument coming from a different direction that proves the continuing importance of the “Made in Italy” brand: the foreign companies setting foot in Italy trying to adjust their offer to the Italian tastes.

Recently, Starbucks opened its doors in Milan for the first time: as a chain of coffee shops, it is furthest away from the Italian way of conceiving coffee and its consumption as possible. Everyone was very taken aback by the Italianisation of the shop: it features a reserve roastery, while the usual big brews of the Starbucks shops abroad have disappeared from the menu, in favour of a range that is more in tune with the Italian tradition.

The Borro Tuscan bistro in Dubai, is yet another great example of how valuable the “Made In Italy” brand is to this day, when its use is smartly designed to recreate experiences and sensations unique to our country. This type of atmosphere is hard to find in those places with a less rich heritage, history and food and wine culture.

Here is the story of a project we took part in.


Perhaps, the last place that comes to mind when it comes to authenticity and Italian-ness is Dubai, in the Arab Emirates. And yet, you could live the true experience of dining in an Italian bistro right there: in the Borro Tuscan bistro.

The bistro is designed in the Florentine style, and it was opened in 2017 in the luxurious  Al Naseem Madinat Jumeirah hotel overlooking the Persian Gulf. The restaurant is the work of Studio 63, as commissioned by the Ferragamo family, who also own the Borro Firenze and the Borro Toscana, Relais & Châteaux in San Giustino Valdarno. In view of the new opening, Studio 63 contacted us to find out whether we could produce the furniture for the restaurant.

Borro - veneta sedie

The concept is exactly that of a Tuscan bistro, in an area of 130 square metres, with a capability of up to 140 people. The colour palette of the interiors is inspired by Masaccio's paintings, the materials are typical of the Tuscan tradition (wood, lime, iron). Even the menu and the food provide the patrons with the opportunity to taste the true flavours of Tuscany: the ingredients come directly from Italy twice a week.

The architects of Studio 63 dealt with the furniture designs, never seen before models produced exclusively for the client. We received pictures of the chairs that were used before and some technical drawings that served as the base for our work. The design process was not industrialised, and we supported the production of bespoke furniture without loss of quality or detail.


For this project we delivered:

  • squared tables,
  • rectangular tables,
  • round tables,
  • chairs,
  • small armchairs
  • bar stools,
  • one bespoke bench (to be placed in a niche)
  • purse stools
  • console tables

We were asked to produce all the chairs with removable covers, so that the clients could change the upholstery often, providing them with yet a different way of renewing the elegant looks of the restaurant. All the chairs and tables were created using precious materials like brushed oak with a decapè effect, matching the sophistication of the bistro. We covered the seats with raw textured cotton in neutral shades, as chosen by Studio 63. The material had been treated to become flame-retardant. For the upholstery we played on contrasts: the chairs featured a lighter shade, while the couches a darker one.


The “Made in Italy” brand still has a well-recognised value across the world, as well as in the eyes of Italians themselves. There are many ways to explore and reinterpret this style without losing one's own identity or trying to imitate styles that are too far from ours.



Client: The Borro Tuscan bistro in Dubai

Production: tables, chairs, small armchairs, barstools, bespoke benches, pouffes, console tables

Delivery times: delivery within 45 days from the confirmation of the order.

Other collaborators: Studio 63