Veneta sedie: furniture and chairs for the naval sector

Cruising is synonymous with the freedom to visit many different places in one voyage, as well as with the comfort of travelling without any worry, since someone else will have taken care of planning every aspect of your journey. It certainly is a luxurious holiday and before it sets sail, a cruise ship is examined down to the last detail so that everything is perfect.

Veneta Sedie was involved in the production of the furniture for a cruise ship part of the Royal Caribbean line: the Celebrity Edge.

Veneta Sedie on the Celebrity edge

The Celebrity Edge project has been the most complex and one of the most satisfying for our company so far. The challenge of working with such a big client and with so many interlocutors, pushed us to be even more coordinated, precise and focused on the goal. For this journey, we have discussed directly with the shipowner, Chantiers de L'Atlantique, who was commissioned the construction of five cruise ships by Royal Caribbean. The company had the final word on the design of the ship and its furniture.

 Our decade-long experience as OEM suppliers has proved crucial in the good outcome of the work, we were prepared to tackle the direct requests of a client belonging to such a particular field as the naval sector. Another key element that allowed us to handle the project to our best, was the harmony of intents and actions among team members who succeeded in coordinating with each other and managing the various changes and modifications requested along the way.


  • April 2017: first meeting with the creative directors
  • June 2017: mock-ups sent along with the first ten samples. As soon as the mock-up was approved, we created a technical drawing using Shop Drawer, including all the specifications of the chosen model;
  • September 2017: the range of the samples is down to six. Second mock-up sent;
  • January 2018: meeting in Miami with Chantiers de l’Atlantique;
  • May 2018: final deal on an order of 200 pieces;
  • June 2018: beginning of production;
  • September 2018: delivery of the items;
  • November 2018: Departure of the Celebrity Cruise.

The furniture for the celebrity cruises by veneta sedie

First, the client sent us a sketch, serving as the reference for the realisation of the two prototypes of the chair and the stool requested. We responded with a model of our own, very close to the original sketch, which was accepted.

By the end of the project we delivered 264 items, including chairs, stools, couches and pouffes.

Chairs, stools and couches were destined to the various refreshment facilities of the ship: the ice cream area, the beverage food station, the pizza area and the food station. The pouffes were placed in the VIP lounge. The chair and stool legs are made of wood in wenge colour, while some of the furniture features faux leather upholstery and some a combination of fabric and faux leather in grey, green, cream and white. The peculiarity of this order regards the stools commissioned. The buyer requested a footstool with invisible fastening screws: in order to guarantee the desired outcome, we resolved to cover the stool with chromium-plated steel securing it with special glues.


Client: Chantiers de L’Atlantique for a Celebrity Cruise by Royal Carribean

Product: chairs, stools, pouffes and couches

Delivery times: delivery within three months from the approval of the project