The holiday as experience: the Relais Officina del Sole

The difference between an unforgettable holiday and a disappointing stay is the result of many factors.

 Some of them are beyond our control, like weather conditions, or a client's sudden flu outbreak, or a flight delayed. Others, we can adjust to help our guests in living an experience that will remain stamped in their memories.

For example, it is possible to follow experience marketing.


Experience Marketing is based on the concept that selling is not the only goal, but rather it is just as important as building a lasting relationship with the clients from an emotional point of view. This way it is possible to inspire empathy and identification with your values.

It is easier to feel more emotionally invested while on holiday or on a trip: travellers are more receptive to emotions, they are looking to relax and have fun. They want to discover new things, and they are open to novelties.

In parallel with this, the styles of holidaying have changed: tourists have become more of travellers. Because they seek to come in contact with the local culture, they choose unconventional services and they want to collect unique memories to bring back home.

Then, think in terms of experiences to offer, rather than just products and services.

One place that is sure to provide unforgettable experiences to its guests is the Relais Officina del Sole, in the Marche region. We contributed by supplying them with some examples of our furniture production.

The Officina del Sole

The Officina del Sole rests on the hills around Fermo, in the province of Pesaro, and it is a hotel, a restaurant, a farm with a vineyard, an oliveyard, a orchard spanning 42 hectars, a winery and soon a spa as well. The resort is located in an old farmstead, brought back to life by the Beleggia family, owners of the Bros Manifatture manufacturing company and the Brosway, Rosato and Pianegonda jewellery brands.

The location has a very strong bond with the traditions of the area, a place immersed in the peacefulness and quietness of the magnificent hills in the Marche region. Veneta Sedie contributed to the furnishing of Officina del Sole by supplying the chairs for the restaurant opening and part of the furniture needed for the Relais suites.


The choice fell on Holly, a chair from our catalogue with a 1950s vintage feel. The seat is in a squared shape, with subtle moulding on the backrest and on the armrests, while the front legs are reminiscent of the Art Déco style.

The version for Officina del Sole features additional armrests, unlike the standard model, which helped strengthen the solidity of the chair.

The peculiarity of this chair is the upholstery of the backrest: the colour contrast of the fabric stands out vividly thanks to the rectangular shape.

In fact, one aspect often overlooked is that the first part of the chair a client will see upon entering a restaurant is the backrest. In this case, the back of the chair is made very elegant by the wooden profiles framing the upholstery. 60 out of the 80 pieces delivered were upholstered with Aurea Mood faux leather.

It is a coated, flame-retardant, waterproof fabric that is very soft and elastic. For this reason, not only is it suitable to cover furniture of different shapes, it is also perfect for a restaurant, as it is easy to wash and it is better resistant to mites and moulds. The other 20 chairs were covered with Alchemia fabric, a polyester microfibre that is very soft, smooth and velvety. This fabric is resistant and easy to maintain too, also thanks to a further Water Repellent outer layer.

Our chairs had to fit in with the pre-existing furniture of the Relais in whitened oak, so we opted for a natural decapè effect and a custom polish that would match the rest of the furnishings.


Client: Officina del Sole – restaurant and suite

Product: Holly chair with armrest and custom polish on 80 pieces

Delivery times: delivered in one month from the confirmation of the order

Other collaborators: Architect Aroldo Tofoni