Our Diary - Fuorisalone 2016

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Blossoming chairs and embellished tables,
elegant draperies recalling of fables.

Tuesday, April 14th we inaugurated our threedayspresence at this year’s Fuorisalone (Milano Design Week) at Laboratorio Cagliani we welcomed friends, customers and visitors to a place perfectly representing our history and soul, created in collaboration with FZI Interiors Studio. 

At 6pm we opened the doors of this little universe of ours to welcome our guests with a smile and a selection of food and drinks, an occasion to make a toast for a new year to spend together, and to open the celebration for our very first 30 years.

To Milan’s Fuorisalone 2016 we brought our vision and the results of our work and experience : many tiny living rooms where to get comfortable and feel at home, installations created using elements from our daily work and life, special products such as the Klismos chair,inspired by the classic style of ancient Greece, or the daring Guêpière armchair, characterized by a plantbased colouring process, laser engravings and corsetlike decorations.


Leading aspects of our display the three styles that inspired our new collections, presented through our three new cataloguesLuxuryShabby Chic and Color Play. A space for each inspiration was created, various little worlds within which immerse and contemplate atmospheres of refined elegance, nostalgic harmony or cheerful modernity.


The new catalogues and special edition furniture represent our instinct to look for innovation, our curiosity for the unexplored and our will to keep instilling products with all our passion and experience. We consider change as a stimulus to look further and we love embracing challenges offered by the market as a chance to reinvent ourselves.

For 30 years we’ve been manufacturing chairs as well as relationships, to offer products representing our essence as well as the customers who choose to walk by our side.


We are looking forward to seeing you at our next event in May, when we will open our manufacturing site in Casale di Scodosia: keep following us on our blog and social media channels for updates on our first Open Day .