Our Diary - Open Day


“There is no better key than the will to open a door”

Our factory in Casale di Scodosia (Padova, Italy) opened to the public for the very first time: full of joy and gratitude, on Saturday, May 28th we welcomed friends, coworkers, family members, partners and competitors to visit the building, with the belief openness is key to a virtuous exchange of giving and taking.

The manufacturing activities begin in 1986, during the economic boom of a sector stimulated by a great demand for products. Back then, we were about to face many changes and challenges, yet this walls are still here to surround us, protect us and tell our story.

During the years we have been adapting our work to match the new needs expressed by the market: digitizing the storage system, adopting new technologies for design and manufacturing, bringing innovations to the process, investing in our staff and their training, using our experience to develop “sartorial” products.

A day dedicated to our origins during which we accompanied our guests on an experiential tour across machinery and artisans’ workstations, offering the chance to discover the journey that transforms unrefined wood into strong chairs.

Starting from the initial selection and cut of the material, through the manufacturing and finishing of components, right to the assembly of the final structure. Among the many tools used everyday for our work we showed our “hanger”, which carries all
details about products currently under manufacturing and allows each artisan to access information and work harmoniously.

Before painting, each one of our chairs is marked with our logo, lot number and production date.

To prevent imitations? No. This way we can precisely track our products to assist our customers in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

To all our guests we described and showed the way we work, to convey what we learned during these years, create connections and instill the passion guiding us day after day.
Each obstacle shows us the way to improve, each success teaches us the value ofexperience.

Visitors had the chance to touch and smell the wood, to know more about its origin and manufacturing process, while little ones experimented and discovered the most playful aspects of the material through games and structures, all made of wood.

Our environmental efforts start from the moment we choose the raw material, at the beginning of the year in the woods of central Europe, when together with the forest rangers we select the biggest and oldest logs, in order to let the youngest trees grow and thus preserve the integrity of vegetation.
In addition, production waste provides heating to our factory throughout winter.

Our employees are our most important partners: in our factory in Casale di Scodosia we work as a family, between people joined by the common desire to do something good. Together.
This event was in fact created with the contributions by everyone, with the idea of gathering the families of the people working here everyday.
Our strength is inside this building, the personal growth of this family and company.

As a conclusion of the tour inside the manufacturing area, following the journey from raw material to the finished products of our new collections, we welcomed our guests to enjoy some local food and drinks, a live music session and a few relaxing moments outdoors, to relish the coziness of this late spring day.

In the next chapter of this diary we are going to tell you all about our participation to the local event “Festival delle Basse”.