Our Diary - Arte Sella

  OUR DIARY - Arte Sella

On the first day of October, with the sun shining bright as on a late Summer day, we travelled to Sella Valley to immerse ourselves into the fascinating Arte Sella.

A day dedicated to our annual company trip: carrying our backpacks and wearing our comfy shoes, we took a stroll in the woods to discover its treasures and to inhale the fresh air and creativity surrounding us.

Arte Sella: the contemporary mountain

Arte Sella is an outdoor exhibition project born in 1986, with the aim to convey the concept of art in nature and embracing art novelties, free from the usual standards.
The “Arte Natura” itinerary features international artist’s works and hosts events and performances related to music, photography and art in its many facets.

Artworks are created together with nature, for nature
: Arte Sella is both an exhibition of artistic works and an ongoing creative process, the artists draw inspiration from nature and create their works using local materials such as wood and stones. The artworks are usually made with natural elements that will eventually deteriorate, thus becoming again part of the environment they originated from.

The result of this research and vision is an ever evolving exhibition, respectful of nature’s life cycle and environment, symbol of nature’s own rhythm.

A tradition of our own

Every year we share a day together with all the people working with us day by day, a moment of discovery and fun, an occasion to spend some time together outside of our workplace.
We love stimulating our curiosity and living experiences able to give us new information and sparks of inspiration.

This is a special moment for us, a time for having fun and learning something from each others and from the world surrounding us.

This year we chose to visit Arte Sella to explore the creative use of natural materials, with the eyes of people working with wood every day, and to confront the craftsman and artist’s point of view.

When our family started growing

The growth of wood and furniture sectors during the 70’s allowed Veneta Sedie to expand its activities, going international and building the first showroom and production site.
We kept believing in this project and, in 1996, established Veneta Sedie Trading, a new branch dedicated to the commercialization of finished products and to the support of logistics.

A further step in our history and an occasion to welcome more people in our family.

The 90’s represented one of the moments during which we faced changes and challenges of a market that was evolving around us and with us.
What we wanted to build wasn’t only a new location but rather a new space to share as a group of people, working together in harmony.


So far we have been narrating our past and present, in the next chapter we would like to share something about how we imagine our future.

Keep following us to discover more about our next projects!