Our Diary - Festival delle Basse


During the first few days of June we participated to the second edition of Festival delle Basse, a local event that this year took place at Villa Correr in Casale di Scodosia.

The event actually started earlier for us, when we began collaborating with the organization and with other artisans to arrange the park setup and the installation inside the Villa’s “Fabbrica delle Foglie” (“Leaves Factory”): through representing the encounter between
artisan work and technological innovation we brought to the Festival the value and history of local production.


Three days dedicated to our territory and to what makes it so special, with music, meetings and good food, all in a location of great historical value.

Dating back to the XVII century, Villa Correr represents the classic venetian style with its seventeenth-century garden, windows and decorations. Inside the building, in the so called “Fabbrica delle Foglie” (“Leaves Factory”), silkworms used to be reared and the overall
building was a work and cultural center for the entire neighboring community.

The settlement of Venetian patricians in our territories during “La Serenissima” period, with their villas and agricultural properties established on reclaimed lands, laid the foundations for the first development of craftsmanship, needed for producing furniture and providing maintenance for the buildings.

The first seed for the flourishing of artisan tradition in our area was then being planted.

With this edition of Festival delle Basse and its network of 25 participating municipalities, Villa Correr continues representing an important meeting point, as well as the perfect place for a culture-oriented weekend aimed at promoting the local heritage as well as the peculiar taste and artisan excellences.


The artisan sector shaped the history of a land that before the end of WWII was farmingcentered and struggling with poverty.

In the Casale of late 40’s a dozen artisans used to create window frames and farming tools, before the time when artisan shops started responding to the market demand for furniture reproductions, successively leading to the prosperous furniture manufacturing that will later
characterize the area.
Between 1965 and 1975 the sector flourished and expanded, allowing the establishment of new companies specialized in furniture manufacturing and the later growth of firms and shops working on collateral activities such as painting and upholstery.

During that time our territory became the heart of a comprehensive work system, an important center for the classic furniture.

Today, in Casale Di Scodosia and its neighboring area, furniture manufacturing and classic furniture production remain intrinsically linked to the territory’s history and culture, while local companies represent an historical know-how that has been able to evolve over time.


During this event dedicated to our territory’s heritage, the inside of Villa Correr has been transformed into a temporary exhibition of local artisans’ works with a series of installations representing the manufacturing culture: many different aspects of the same sector united
in the very same place that until the 90’s used to host the “Classic Furniture Fair” started in 1981.

Villa Correr and its adjacent park were filled with enthusiasm, energy and colors during a weekend aimed at celebrating the peculiarities of our land and the history of a sector still deeply connected to the life in the southern provinces of Padova, Verona and Vicenza, usually referred to as “Le Basse” (“Low areas”).

Festival delle Basse is a moment of harmony and celebration, an opportunity to discover the beauty around us.


The next chapter of this diary will be all about one of the most recent projects we have worked on.
Keep following us to discover more on our special creations, see you soon!