Our Diary - Physis, art meets craftsmanship

Our Diary - Physis, art meets craftsmanship

Virtual reality, culinary tradition, upholstering work, scientific pitch and creative thinking.
Sunday, November 27th we hosted a new event at our showroom, this time focused on the meeting between art and craftsmanship, featuring a sensorial itinerary aimed at the discovery through the five senses.

Guests of “Open Factory - Art and craftsmanship” – event promoted by Open Factory, “the biggest happening dedicated to manufacturing-related tourism” – Silvia Naddeo, young mosaic artist, Stefano Micelli, professor and essayist author of “Fare è innovare. Il nuovo lavoro artigiano” (“Making is innovating. The new craftsman work”), and Silvia Zanardi, journalist and founder/CEO of digital magazine Storie di Chi.

Art and manufacturing

With our guest speakers we continued the journey started in september with our event dedicated to Made in Italy, an analysis on the new crafts work in Italy and on the potentialities and peculiarities of the manufacturing sector in our country.

During the speech we discussed artistic creation and innovation in the crafts world, the value of creativity and quality, as well as the idea of promoting the so-called “tailored manufacturing” as an important strength of our know-how, symbol of a production tradition that distinguishes italian products in the international context.

With some excitement we also revealed the result of our latest collaboration with Silvia Naddeo, the chair-artwork entitled Physis, or rather a work of harmony between mosaic art, wood craftsmanship and the influence of techniques and experiences aimed at creating something new and highly “customized”.

The Wood Experience

For this occasion we created a sensorial itinerary divided into five locations inside our showroom, a set of experiences designed to offer a moment of discovery and active participation to all our guests.

Wood Inspiration

Virtual reality as an enrichment of sensory perception through artificially created information, otherwise impossible to perceive through the five senses: the “A cena con” (“A dinner with”) project by Silvia Naddeo originates from the artist’s willingness to create an immersive and multisensory experience by combining mosaic and virtual reality.

 “ A cena con” features a VR viewer to offer an experience/game and let the audience immerse into an actual dinner with the personality that inspired the artwork, with the aim to let people “live” the artwork in a new and innovative way (also while sitting comfortably on one of our Kate chairs).

In the location dedicated to the sight sense, the perception of reality originated from an unusual point of view and accompanied our guests on a journey into a new and different world.

Wood Transformation

Upholstery, the final work stage on an already varnished chair frame, represents the perfect combination of manual skills and sense of harmony. While applying the fabric on a rubber characterized by a specific density (varying whether it is a chair seat or a seatback), each single esthetic and functional detail is evaluated and interpreted by
the upholsterer.
While seeking harmony the master is able to highlight the architectural solutions, to emphasize the choice of fabric with its decorations and its quality, as well as to reach the comfort level required for this type of product.

In the location dedicated to the touch sense, the upholstering master Luciano Beltrame showed the techniques and work phases related to the chair upholstery and described the details of his job to all participants.

Wood Tasting

In the southern province of Padua and particularly around Montagnana, a fortified city included among the most beautiful italian burgs, the local cuisine features many gastronomic delights.
First among all, the Prosciutto Veneto Berico Euganeo DOP: a classic sweet italian ham characterized by a light color and an unmistakeable aroma resulting from its 17 months of aging. The so-called "schizzotto", a typical bread, represents the perfect complement and its peculiarity is the absence of yeast, responsible for its flat shape. “ La Veneta km 0”, is the first 100% Venetian beer and it’s produced using a barley growing at the foot of the Euganean Hills, hops from the Vicenza area and water from the Brenta river basin: the result is a beer distinguished by a bright golden color and a rich flavour with a gently bitter aftertaste.
Lastly, the goose “porchetta” from Padua, the only Slow Food Presidium in the area.
A Slow Food Presidium is an association supporting and protecting local and traditional productions and the Littamé Farm produces this special “porchetta”, symbol of a typical product with ancient origins.

In the location dedicated to the taste sense our guests enjoyed an aperitif with gastronomic products of our area and region, an occasione to highlight typicalness and celebrate a rich tradition of flavours.

Wood Modelling

Authenticity of thought, ability to observe problems from unusual points of view and to use imagination: the origin of creative thinking lies in the inclination to adapt oneself to circumstances and, at the same time, to adapt the circumstances to oneself.

To accompany and stimulate this instinctive imagination, in the location dedicated to the sense of smell, the little ones found the right place for them, where they could create, play and “smell” all the creative possibilities offered by materials and colors.

Wood Vibration

According to some theories our planet is tuned on a 432Hz frequency: Fausto Torres, friend and musician, plays a guitar tuned according to this frequency which is thus able to produce particularly harmonious and pleasant sounds, a reference to all the harmony permeating planet Earth.

The notes originated from the location dedicated to the hearing sense propagated throughout the showroom, creating a peculiar background for conversations and infusing the environment with a special atmosphere.


With her artwork Physis, Silvia Naddeo has been able to translate the usual shape of a chair into an artistic form, while maintaining its function.
Physis is a Greek term usually translated as "nature". In the original philosophical thought, phýsis is the vital principle of totality, of things that generate and grow, the world’s flux to which we all participate.

From this incredible and delicate balance of elements originates the idea for this chair, a symbol of the tight and indissoluble bond between humans and Earth’s vital element.

Curiosity, knowledge, enthusiasm

Our desire has always been to create a common path, a company made of people working in harmony. Therefore in 2013 we started investing in training projects for our staff, with the aim to grow together, both personally and professionally.

Along with stimulus towards knowledge and specialization, we are dedicated to a constant research on products, techniques and styles, in order to always immerse ourselves into new and exciting projects, to keep letting ourselves be amazed by the possibilities offered to us by our work.


In the next chapter we are going to write the last page of this Diary by recalling all its steps.

Future is still to be discovered and shaped, keep following us to relive with us this year of celebrations and get a glance on what we are planning for next year.