Our Diary - Toward future

Our Diary - Toward future

For our thirtieth anniversary we chose to narrate our story in first person and to celebrate with you this special occasion.

In this last chapter we want recall this year's Diary through all the events that gave us the chance to communicate who we are and what we do.

Chapter 01 - Our Thirties


We dedicated the first chapter to the very first steps in our history, to a time when, although the walls of our buildings didn’t already exist, the atmosphere was full of energy, curiosity and willingness to experiment.

Chapter 02 - Fuorisalone


We participated to Fuorisalone bringing to Milan our new collections and some special projects, Laboratorio Caglianiwas transformed into a space representing all the inspirations that give us the spark to create something new.

Chapter 03 - Open Day


We opened our manufacturing building to the public for the first time and welcomed participants to an experience of our everyday work, the job of transforming wood into functional and harmonic structures.

Chapter 04 - Festival delle Basse


We participated to Festival delle Basse and collaborated to the installations inside Villa Correr and to the park arrangement.
An occasion to celebrate the territory around us, to highlight the cultural and traditional richness of an area full of history and profoundly connected to classic furniture.

Chapter 05 - Enterprise Hotel


We went back to Milan to describe one of the projects we worked on this year, the renovation of a few common areas of the Enterprise Hotel, for which we created a series of original sofas and chairs and customized some of our products.

Chapter 06 - Made in Italy: “know how, let everybody know”


Our showroom has been completely renovated and we chose to dedicate its opening to a conversation about Made in Italy and its many aspects by inviting a few special guests: Marco BettiolCristiano MarchioroAlessandro Zuin and our Enrico Rosa. 
We discussed the deep value of our craftsmanship tradition, the peculiarities of italian manufacturing and the connection between traditional know-how and innovation.

Chapter 07 - Arte Sella


Honouring one of our traditions, we immersed ourselves into the nature: this year’s company trip took us to discover the natural artworks of fascinating Arte Sella.
A moment of freedom and sharing in a different context, an occasion to explore our favourite material, wood, from a new perspective.

Chapter 08 - Physis, art meets craftsmanship


Physis originates from our collaboration with artist Silvia Naddeo. The result is an artwork that combines art and craftsmanship, wood and glass, creativity and functionality.
The encounter between art and manufacturing has been the conversation theme for our guest speakers Stefano MicelliSilvia Naddeo and Silvia Zanardi; the Wood Experience offered a sensorial itinerary of art, local cuisine, craftsmanship and imagination.

Chapter 09 - Toward future


Celebrating our anniversary gave us the chance to travel through the steps that took us here and to remember our history with joy and gratitude

Thirty years after our first building was created we look at the future with the willingness to continue our research, to experiment, to keep getting inspired by the world around us.

Our desire is to build a future based on the exchange of ideas and on the development of new relations and collaborations, on the innovation able to break the rules of tradition.

Future is knocking at our door and we are ready to welcome him.