Our Diary -OUR DIARY - Made in Italy: “know how, let everybody know” Enterprise Hotel

OUR DIARY - Made in Italy: “know how, let everybody know”

On Friday, September 16th our guest speakers and guests joined us at our new showroom
for a conversation on Made in Italy and the value of our territory.

Marco Bettiol, Internet Marketing researcher and academic at Padua University and author
of the book “Raccontare i l Made in Italy : un nuovo legame tra cultura e manifattura” (Narrating Made in Italy: a new bond between culture and manufacturing)”, described his book, his experience with artisan companies, and the relationship between the historical italian production, new communication systems and the international context.

Cristiano Marchioro, president at Sculdascia Lab, addressed our territory’s point of view and the activities proposed and undertaken by the cultural association to bring innovation in the area.

Our Enrico Rosa conveyed the views of Veneta Sedie and the company’s efforts to transmit its history and values since its first approach to the new market and communication scenario.

Alessandro Zuin, publishing coordinator at Corriere Imprese Nordest (business publication for the italian North-East area), led the conversation bringing his experience and vision.

Transparent walls

During the afternoon our guest speakers joined us at our manufacturing facility in Casale, for
a tour of the production and a meeting with our staff; a chance to introduce the theme of the
day, starting from the very heart of our company: “Narrating Made in Italy”.

We like making this walls somehow “transparent”, inviting our guests to visit the manufacturing building in order to share with them what we learned during the years and to show what we do everyday.

Between machinery and unrefined chairs we discussed local production, communication and innovation methods, and how a sincere and active openness to the world can be a key response to daily challenges.

Cultural manufacturing

Marco Bettiol dedicates a chapter of his book to what he defines as “a manufacturing that develops and is fostered by cultural content”; a process that generates products characterized by craftsmanship quality as well as cultural and traditional traits.

History, culture and quality
thus distinguish the italian product and give it an internationally valued appeal.
The attention to materials and production, as well as the craftsmen's know-how are among the most sought-after aspects by the international market and contribute to the need for a more sensible, authentic and flexible communication, beyond marketing automatisms.

Made in Italy means peculiar production processes, personalization, aesthetics, manufacturing quality and cultural tradition. It’s imperative: be heard, be found and value cultural complexity.

Renewal as a form of rebirth

Our showroom was built in 1976, ten years earlier than our first manufacturing building establishment, when Giannino Rosa was busy commercializing furniture all over Italy and starting to open the doors of foreign markets.

Forty years later we gave a whole new look to this place of sharing and valorization of our products: the three “style areas” we chose for our catalogues have been transformed into physical spaces, little universes of inspirations.

In this occasion we got the chance to celebrate our history and our rebirth, together
with our friends, customers, partners and special guests.

We decided to honor our territory, culture and tradition with some specialties from local producers such as salted codfish and goose, freshly sliced ham and locally produced wine.

For the future to be traced

As a symbol for this special year we chose a present for all participants, customers and partners: Perpetua, a pencil entirely Made in Italy created using recycled graphite originated by production scraps.

We couldn’t help adding some wood to it.


On the next chapter we will tell you more about a little tradition of ours: a day of fun, sharing and discover we spend together every year.

We keep telling our story, so keep following us!