Our Diary - Our thirties

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Thirty years ago our very first building was created, the same place still today dedicated to manufacturing.

Thirty years ago the air was filled by hope and passion, the same emotions still guiding our path.

Thirty years ago a new company was born: today we want to celebrate together with our most beloved ones, you.


A yearlong tale


Veneta Sedie 30th anniversary is an occasion we are very proud of and we plan on celebrating throughout the rest of 2016. Each activity we planned will be narrated through this personal diary, in order to let you know more about the events and follow us in this adventure through time: recalling the past, celebrating the present, imagining the future.

This year will be a time for looking back at the steps we took so far, to reveal in those footprints a path of gentle turns and, sometimes, a few steep slopes. 
During the years the world changed around us as we evolved accordingly: from the handcraft production to the first company buildings, throughout technological innovations and openings to new markets.
Our history started years before the walls of our buildings even existed, in a small shop where Giannino Rosa used to create wooden chairs and rocking chiars with love. That 60’s artisan shop encapsuled those years’ spirit, the seed of a family becoming a company, characterized by a profound passion for its work and the value given to experience.

On a spring day we are writing the first page of this yearlong diary, to present who we are, who we’ve been and who we will be.

You are all invited to join us at the very first celebration for Veneta Sedie 30th anniversary, which will take place on April 14th to 16th during Milan Design Week at Laboratorio Cagliani, Vincenzo Civerchio 5, Milan.