The "Festival delle Basse" told by Veneta Sedie

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Wood by Wood


From 5th to 7th of June took place, in the San Salvaro Monastery, the “Festival delle Basse”, an event to promote the territory.

Why “basse”?

In reference to the territories that are located in the south of Padua, Verona and Vicenza, historically identified as "basse".
The Festival has created a comprehensive cultural program with music, literature, with a special look at local excellence.

VenetaSedie Production could not miss this, with a special contribution that we tell through the visual language.

The Festival

Special guests, concerts, culture, culinary excellence have characterized each nights. In particular, the exhibition "Re del Tempo" by Mirko Artuso who represented the soul of the festival for its social impact.
Small jewels of the heritage and history that can be found in these Venetian regions are discovered thanks to this initiative.

Do what you want, with what you have, in the place where you are. 

Theodore Roosvelt

Veneta Sedie - Francesco Guccini

Wood By Wood

The raw wood material, from which comes our passion and where born our way, was the protagonist of the event. Protagonist of values and corporate culture at the service of sustainable development. The raw classic designed chair was the undisputed star of a production voted to an experience with a contact to stabilize and to live. Just the raw frame, materic and authentic, was also irreplaceable support to the communication of those values that each day the Venetasedie group is committed to translate into concrete reality.
Love, care, enthusiasm, harmony: just a few values that we wanted to share with visitors of the “Festival delle Basse”.

Our Keywords


Values and products linked together by doing business in a conscious, constructive and increasingly way, oriented to the exploitation of the homeland.
We are happy to support cultural initiatives, especially related to our territory, and we are equally excited to promote sustainable development by telling the way we work, design and produce.

“Each trunk tells a story, each chair holds itself this memory”.

Photographs courtesy of Ludovico Guglielmo, PH