How to combine the warm wood tones to the fresh nature of the green colour.

What are the 2017 trends for the interior decorations? As usual people rely on expert advice, but let us also be guided by our instincts.

Much more of a critical eye in fact, we know our home, our rooms and we recognize the details that have to be enhanced in the different corners of our home.

2017 saw the advent of Greenery, announced to be colour of the year by Pantone®, the US company specialised in graphics and technologies for colour identification.

Greenery is a lively colour, a sparkling light which fits in coordinating or contrasting different environments. If we stay in shades of green, we find it combined to classic lines but also to more modern forms, in chairs and wooden furnishing elements produced by Veneta Sedie

Veneta Sede encloses in its Design Centre a wide collection of fabrics and finishes in different colours, unique and precious details. A colourful range of colours alternates with refined textures, which becomes tha starting point for the wooden furniture.

Rosa. A name that remembers not only a colour, but also a flower and an essence. The sweet armony of soft floral forms is transferred in a wooden armchair with classic shapes. Green details are present in the plot, as if to recall the deep connection with nature.

Savoia Armchair

Savoia. Classic shapes that are reflected in the choice of finishing with an antique flavour. Savoia Chair expresses the beauty of the time, which represents harmony in the contemporary world. Backrest is characterised by rounded details and elements that enrich the whole structure. Savoia is also available in the armchair model.

Savoia Chairs

Frida. Embracing and compact. An armchair with a wooden structure, enriched with fabrics enhaced by modern textures. This version means rediscovering Frida with a successful contrast: the elegance of tradition marries contrasting fabrics, characterised by stronger and modern tones.

Frida Armchair

Melody. Smooth and minimal design, top and quilted back and simple tapered legs. This chair embodies practicality, comfortable for everyday use and it is characterised by exclusive details added in the processing phase. In Melody wooden element is blended with the lightness of simple finishes.

Melody Chair

Dalia. Soft details and incredible versatility. Dalia is the wooden chair, also available in the armchair model, where the monocromatic finishing element of the backrest and seat creates a bond with the legs, whose colour ranges in the different natural tones.

Dalia Sedia

Every chair, armchair, stool and piece of furniture created by Veneta Sedie can be customised according to the individual furnishing needs.
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