Chair manufacturers: how to select the right supplier

Selecting the chair manufacturer that will meet your needs is especially important for creating environments that in every way, shape and form dovetail with your overall design project. Yet in this selection process, there are hidden risks and pitfalls. Therefore, the choice must be carefully considered, weighing all the available options. This will permit you to select the ideal supplier capable of interpreting the project’s requirements and transforming them into the perfect seat for every environment.

Chair manufacturer or intermediary: which should you choose?

When searching for the best chair manufacturer, you must first decide if you want to buy directly from the manufacturer or indirectly through a dealer. A chair manufacturer handles every phase of the manufacturing process and therefore can customize the product at any point. In turn, an dealer buys chairs from manufacturers and then resells them to the client who has commissioned the project.

It’s not easy to select the most suitable supplier. First of all, you must take into account the factors that might lead you to favour one over the over.

For example, dealing with an intermediary certainly offers considerable economic benefits. That’s because the consultant has the advantage of being able to negotiate the lowest possible price with the manufacturer. Furthermore, the furniture dealers can refer to a wide variety of product catalogues that allow the client to choose the most appropriate model from a vast selection.

On the other hand, when you buy directly from the manufacturer, any aspect of the chair can be customized, as if you were working alongside the artisan during every phase of production. Together you can create chairs that are not only beautiful and functional but also adhere precisely to the style of the interior design project.

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Why should you buy directly from chair manufacturers?

Commissioning an artisan to manufacture your chairs means that the products will be crafted to meet your every last specification, ensuring that the final product matches the original design. The choices will be yours: materials and their colours, the type of wood and upholstery, and the style and varnishing. In fact, this collaboration with the chair manufacturer and the company’s designers, who are often in-house, results in a custom-made chair, as if it was a garment made by the finest tailor, cut and sewn specially for the wearer.

The artisan’s expertise makes the difference. This experience, creativity and craftsmanship are significant when designing and manufacturing the perfect chair for every project.

Whether one chooses a chair rich in details or minimal, the manufacturer will take into account all the variables in play in the creation of the best product possible.

Chair manufacturers and turnkey projects: a new way of supplying furniture

The world of commercial furnishings has become much more complex and multifaceted in the last few years. In addition, an increasing number of manufacturing companies want to capture a part of the mass-production market, no doubt due to all the advantages that this entails for a company.

A turnkey project is when a single contractor or company handles an entire project, from the selection of the project designer to the individual furniture pieces that will be arranged in an environment. In larger companies, the contract division oversees such projects. Thus, a client who opts for a turnkey solution doesn’t have to worry about anything beyond the selection of the project that best corresponds to the company’s vision. The person overseeing the turnkey project will deal with the project’s many facets, including selecting suppliers. In this case, the chair manufacturers work directly with the turnkey project contractor, committing to delivering the agreed-upon goods on time.

When selecting a chair for a turnkey project, different factors need to be considered. First of all, it must be taken into account that the furnishings will be heavily used. Many people will sit on these chairs that are expected to last for years. This is a serious investment. Therefore, the quality-price ratio plays a fundamental role.

The location in which these chairs will be used should also be contemplated. A chair destined for a bar will be manufactured differently than a chair that will decorate a hotel room. The same holds true for a chair that will be placed in a large company’s executive offices or one created exclusively for a restaurant chain. For this many other reasons, it’s important to enlist the services of industry professionals who will help increase cost efficiency by providing the high-quality services and requested product customizations.

Chair manufacturers for restaurants and bars

When designing a dining establishment, the style chosen for the space, including that of the furnishings, must reflect the establishment’s character and create a unique atmosphere that clients expect to find in a restaurant or bar. In fact, every type of establishment – from a home-style restaurant to a cocktail lounge – should have a style that clients’ immediately recognize.

Whether you choose a classic or rustic style, a modern or sophisticated ambiance, the furnishings matter. The correct chairs, tables and furnishing accessories are essential for creating the ideal environment that best reflects the establishment’s philosophy.

Restaurant chair manufacturers are fully aware that a chair’s appearance isn’t the only aspect that is considered when selecting furnishings. For example, sitting in a restaurant chair that is too low for the table is rather unpleasant and can create as much of a negative impression as poor quality food. Not to mention how an uncomfortable seat can ruin a dinner.

An experienced manufacturer, therefore, will be able to recommend the ideal chair for every environment and use. The buying experience will be positive from every point of view, guaranteeing that the products combine design and comfort.

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