The right chair to furnish your living spaces

Wooden chairs are not all the same. Fascinated by their natural beauty, we let us be inspired by the natural forms and choose the one that best suits our space.

The elements of a chair can change and with them the effect and feel that communicates, not only to those who admire them, but also to those who use them.

Classic style is combined with the modern pursuit of colour combinations and forms. Veneta Sedie chairs are produced with solid wood. Color, finishes and size are customizable elements, which help giving uniqueness to every product.

Let's see how to fit shapes and finishes of a wooden chair to particular living spaces.

If you love strong contrasts and aim at matching a classic decor to an environment with a minimalist and modern mood, we suggest Zen chair in solid wood. This wooden chair is characterized by a defined sign and shapes that recall the East and well engage in a simple context. A particular sign that gives light to the environment.

Zen Wooden Chairs

The vintage atmosphere of the past, the Jazz Age and the Roaring Twenties, are the right inspiration to choose Karen. This wooden chair is also available in the armchair version. Leave space to the materic effect, with elegant inlays where the natural element and the strength of the wooden material join to the classic finishes. Magnificence that doesn’t add any weight, but echoes a luxurious symbol of a positive feeling of openness to life.Karen Wooden Chairs

Bright rooms, with furnishings in smooth and simple lines, light colors, elm, oak and glossy white: these are some of the key elements keep in the collection of wooden chairs Tracy. Back in wood with painted elements which recall powder and talcum colors; wood that shines and melts with the soft shapes; warm space for sitting, coated with precious fabrics in matching textures.

Tracy Wooden Chairs

Think of the contrast when you are to choose your wooden chairs. Walls, furniture, lighting of the rooms. Think about the emotions, what you want to convey to your guests and how you wish to live, in your spaces.