What does “Made in Italy” really mean? - A conversation with Marco Bettiol

What does “Made in Italy” really mean? - A conversation with Marco Bettiol

On Friday, September 16th 2016 we invited to our showroom a few special guests for a talk on the value of Made in Italy and today we present an extract of the resulting conversation.

Marco Bettiol, Internet Marketing researcher and academic at Padua University and author of the book “Raccontare il Made in Italy: un nuovo legame tra cultura e manifattura” (Narrating Made in Italy: a new bond between culture and manufacturing)” presented his book and discussed his vision and experience with manufacturing companies.

Cristiano Marchioro, president at cultural association Sculdascia Lab, described the activities about digital culture in our territory, while Enrico Rosa conveyed the experience of Veneta Sedie in communicating its history and values. The conversation was led by Alessandro Zuin, publishing coordinator at Corriere Imprese Nordest (business publication for the italian North-East area).

During the last few years we have all been asking ourselves about the strategies and possibilities to make the “well crafted” stand out in Italy as well as all over the world.

Marco Bettiol defines as “cultural manufacturing” the tradition and history able to transform and enrich a product, and declares “ we sell culture”.
Moreover, data provided by Google show that the world looks for Made in Italy, demonstrating a great interest in the particular nature of italian products.

The high quality and craftsman’s knowledge that characterize italian products should therefore be explained and promoted, and this is where the digital world becomes the ideal tool. Internet, in fact, offers the chance to communicate all the richness of our products, as an in-depth narration for a selected audience.

In summary, says Marco Bettiol, we need to communicate better our values.

In his book the academic identifies four key values of Made in Italy, a series of elements that represent the starting point for a new way of telling the world what we do and how we do it.


Italy brought to the world the attention to aesthetics as a value of innovation, a particular attention to details and, in general, design as culture.
An added value that distinguishes italian style and makes it recognizable and sought after all around the world.


Today, thanks to his profound knowledge of materials and techniques, the italian craftsman is considered as an important partner, rather than just a manufacturer, valued by international designers to collaborate to the product design and innovation processes.


The request for a product enriched by a broader meaning makes the manufacturing process a distinctive element : thus, it becomes important to communicate the place, environment, to show the tradition and history that shape a product.
The result is a relationship based on trust that originates from an authentic communication.


Today the market demands original, unique and differentiated products and, since the international context is not entirely familiar with customizable items, the sartorial approach typical of craftsmen becomes an important element to convey.

So what does “Made in Italy” really mean?

Made in Italy has the relevant role of representing all our history, culture, talent and knowledge.
It is not only about “know-how” anymore, it is time to “let everybody know”.