Contract chairs: how to select the best supplier

The contract market is becoming increasingly important for furniture and design companies, particularly when they work with B2B clients. In fact, a company will often have trained staff members responsible for an entire project, from the design to the manufacture of the furniture. The project phases also include selecting and managing the suppliers in order to deliver a completed project to the end client. This particular market segment is called contract. For companies that manufacture furniture and furnishing accessories, it’s become a key market. Veneta Sedie is no exception. The contract chair market is vitally important for our company.

We discussed this subject with Riccardo Soffiato, Veneta Sedie’s marketing director.


Let’s begin with an easy question. How are contract clients managed within Veneta Sedie?

The client contracts are usually overseen by our collaborators who are trained experts capable of providing pro-active project management and following the order in every phase, even post-delivery.

In the case of larger, more complex projects, the sales executives or sales project managers will be responsible for meeting with the client and the architects beginning with the development phase clear through to the delivery of the contract chairs. We support these professionals every step of the way, even visiting construction sites and buildings that are undergoing renovation. This level of contact allows us to become very familiar with every single project and anticipate any operational constraints. Thanks to face-to-face meetings and operational advancements, client relations can be more personal. Client needs are thoroughly analyzed, creating loyalty and ensuring that Veneta Sedie is the first supplier that will come to mind when a client needs contract chairs for a project.


How do you handle the customization of contract chairs?

There are two different options for contract chair customization. You can choose a model from the catalogue or a custom-designed model.

When a client has opted for a catalogue model, the first step is determining if the chair’s size and frame will fit in with the overall project. If the order is large enough to meet our economies of scale, we can make various changes to standard models to better meet the client’s specific needs. For example, a client was furnishing a restaurant in Venice’s Piazza San Marco. A model with the perfect design was found in our catalogue, but due to space constraints, we had to reduce by 20% the size of the original chair.

Obviously, a client making such a request understands that fulfilling the order will take more time than a standard order. In addition, a minimum order of 50 chairs is required. However, most spots open to the public need at least this number of chairs. In the end, waiting a little longer for the chairs will be worth it.

Once the size of the contract chairs has been determined, the next phase is selecting the appropriate finish and covering. We offer a vast range of colours, fabrics and materials. But there are also many clients who request non-standard finishes and coverings for their contract chairs. In this case, our staff will provide a full-scale consultation to help the client select the ideal finish and covering to ensure complete satisfaction.

And how would you assist a client who wants bespoke contract chairs?

Since we have years of experience in the field, we are capable of providing top-notch service to our clients seeking completely custom-made contract chairs. The process is highly organized and there’s constant, close contact with our technical department that will make your sketch into a reality. Because of our expertise, we are able to industrialize the production of custom-made contract chairs in order to achieve the client’s desired result. To reach this goal, we create detailed technical renderings that give the client an idea of the final product. The client must first approve the initial design before the chair’s components are designed in detail and the related production cycle can begin. In this scenario, digital technology is extremely important since it allows you to produce a large number of alternatives and conduct multiple tests before embarking on the necessary step of creating a physical prototype.


Why should a client select Veneta Sedie for contract chairs?

We are able to satisfy even the most challenging customization requests for our contract chair clients. This is a tremendous advantage. Our in-depth knowledge of the supply chain grants us extraordinary flexibility in meeting a wide array of needs. One aspect that sets us apart from the competition is our expertise gleaned over the years through contact with demanding clients and markets (above all, the marine industry). This allows us to offer the same level of product even for clients who objectively could not otherwise afford such high quality. Another positive aspect that we believe distinguishes us is our extremely clear, well-defined production process. This translates into precise, accurate controls that guarantee the timely resolution of any problems that may emerge during the manufacturing phase.

Add to these qualities transparency and openness. Both are highly important to us and have allowed us to work closely with distinguished clients who want to follow very closely the mass production of their contract chairs. Our clients know that they can count on us. We are a reliable partner who will open the factory doors at any time to assure clients of the quality of each and every product. And that’s certainly not something that all companies will do.

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