Crafty Shabby Chic Chairs

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Shabby chic style: what does it mean?

The shabby chic style is the perfect fusion of unkempt and chic, something that at first glance may seem left to chance but that actually hides a refined and noteworthy taste. The material that best fits with this trend is the wood, the undisputed protagonist of the shabby style. To enrich the effect can not miss pastel colors and a good selection of fabrics that combine themeselves harmoniously for a unique result.
The feeling that this style recalls is the romance, that evoked a timeless harmony between past and present, experienced by the smallest details.

Shabby chic style chairs

The Venetasedie style department dedicates an entire line to the Shabby Chic inspiration. It's a romantic inspiration, in which the furniture blends perfectly with the surrounding environment but without losing the personality and character. The Shabby Chic chair is characterized by warm but definite colours, by elements that recall a timeless style, that you contextualize perfectly in the actually taste of furniture.

Some Shabby Chic chairs for examples

The Venetasedie Shabby Chic collections is characterized by light shades and coated, brushed and vintage effects that offer so much space for customization.
We can see some of the products in Shabby Chic style that make the Venetasedie collection unique.

Luigi XVI 

From the decapè tecnique was born one of the notes that characterize the Shabby Chic style: The decapér term, in fact, can be translated to "remove the cover." It is a French technique that goes right back to Louis XVI and which initially was applied with the express purpose of protecting the wood from termites' attacks. Later it become decorative because it allows to play with colors, leaving the natural wood grain and therefore able to provide a shabby chic effect.
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The products of the Brianzola collection are chairs, armchairs, sofas, tables and furnishing accessories which are characterized by a warm game between fabrics and wood that makes them very suitable to a Shabby style of furniture.

Here you find more details about the product.


The Narciso line reflects a perfect harmony between materials, shapes and colors that come together in a warm embrace, thanks to the choice of soft colors and soft wood twine.

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