The importance of wood in the choice of dinette sets

If you choose wood for your dinette set, you choose beauty, quality and practicality and Veneta Sedie knows that: this is why it realizes dinette sets that can donate a new style to your room, creating a traditional and magic atmosphere.

Wood has always accompanied the human history and dinette sets realised by Veneta Sedie are born from this close link to the carpenter and artisan with this material, link that persuade even today a big number of customers to prefer the heat of this material in comparison to the more modern steel and metal.

But why is it better to choose wood to furnish your kitchen and dining room instead of furnishings made of plastic or metal? 

First of all for the heat and the magic atmosphere that only a dinette set made by solid wood can create, but above all because wood is a very durable and versatile material. 

The ideal solution to furnish classical but also modern and contemporary spaces.

It is not a case that Veneta Sedie has chosen wood as primary material, not only for the realization of chairs, but also of dinette sets, because the wood furnishings give to the atmosphere a touch of familiarity that makes the guests feel at home.

Functional and elegant furnishings, all Veneta Sedie tables are made of solid wood and are available in any form: from the classic rectangular and square shape, like the Luigi XVI Table, to refined oval types like the Deira model.

Furthermore wood, in addition to its natural durability and strength that ensure a long life to furnishings, is a material very easy to clean and it is enough to use an antistain product to keep getting new your dinette set.

Then wood is a material that can make happy also the lovers of the environment because, above all the ecological wood, contains chemical substances at minimal level and respects nature.

Finally wood is adapt for every style and do not go out of fashion: a dinette sets that stays beautiful over the time.

In conclusion if you are furnishing your house or you decided to buy a new dinette set our advice is to choose wood. 

The effect on your environment will amaze you.