Wooden chairs meet colours

Wooden furniture can provide infinite solutions, thanks to the many shapes, finishes and details which can be matched with this extraordinary, natural raw material. The woods used for furniture are worked with great skill, with thought given to the intended use and the environment into which each piece will be introduced.

Knowing how to discover new combinations between the structure of an unfinished wooden chair and a possible colour finish, as well as how to reassess those situations where, initially, a colour seems to have no impact, could mean discovering a completely new world.

For the manufacture of chairs, beech is used as a base for the realisation of unfinished legs. The colour, therefore, is a natural shade with a subtle reference to the graining of the raw material. What might happen if the natural colour were to be combined with strong colours, almost contrasting?


Veneta Sedie has created an entire collection following detailed research of materials and chromatic properties and has defined Color Play: a new light for a unique effect. Color Play has developed into a contemporary style, a kind of reinterpretation of the classic style, turning its eye towards the present-day, if not to the future. The colour is unmatched and displays its power, as with Luigi XVI: a simple form which recalls the traditional wooden chair, but with innovative finishes and colours which are definitely beyond convention.

Colour is also at the centre of Round: a wooden chair, whose sinuous lines welcome and astonish, both for its structure and the overall effect. The wood is embedded in the finishes, and the contrasting colours provide excitement, instantly creating an atmosphere in the mind’s eye of the viewer.


The inspiration for Color Play arises from the aim of creating glamorously styled wooden chairs, providing an original touch of imagination. Bar is the chair inspired by Color Play which references the classical appearance of a wooden chair found in a bar or entertainment establishment and which, at Veneta Sedie, assumes the bright blue tones combined with the simple elegance of purple.

The combination of wood and colour works! Veneta Sedie continues to astonish with its new furnishing solutions, using fine woods matched with meticulous craftsmanship and custom-tailored finishes. Contact us to discover the Color Play solutions available or to design new solutions together, even starting from an unfinished custom-tailored wooden structure.