Hotel room armchairs: different styles for furnishing with character

Tables, chairs, bookcases and wardrobes are some of the furnishings that define the style and personality of a hotel room. Armchairs, which serve multiple purposes, are also on this list. When selecting an armchair, it is important to consider its features and comfort level as well as the design.

Because it is so important to choose the right type of chair for a particular room, we have written this article detailing the types of armchairs and the various furnishing styles that match well with each chair.

Hotel room armchairs: types of chairs and furniture combinations

Selecting an armchair is not easy since there is an incredible variety of styles and models. An armchair is usually the last piece of furniture chosen for a room, even though it is a key element that defines the room’s personality. So let’s check out the various types of hotel room armchairs and discover the ideal furnishing style for each armchair.

In fact, there is a wide variety from which to choose: comfy models for lounging or ones featuring unique, modern designs; vintage styles or leather models; and types that match well with a contemporary bedroom.

Classic armchairs

To add a touch of elegance, order and light to a bedroom, choose a classic armchair. This piece with its clean lines and sophisticated design can be adapted to serve multiple purposes. This type of armchair matches best with a classic furnishing style, which requires significant effort to pull off but guests will no doubt be impressed.

Modern armchairs

For a bedroom with a stronger personality, your best choice is a modern armchair with just the right design touches. This type of armchair in a contemporary bedroom permits the best of both worlds: beauty and comfort.

To complement a room with shabby chic furniture, a plush, padded armchair with soft lines and elaborate feet is recommended. This chair fits perfectly in a space with a shabby chic style. In essence, it is a homey, comfortable environment decorated in pastel colours for a charming, weathered decor that is aged without seeming antique.

Vintage armchairs

To create a unique, timeless atmosphere in a bedroom, there is no better choice among the many furnishing and armchairs styles than a vintage armchair. Place it near a colourful, retro piece from the 1950s. Sticking with a vintage style, an alternative armchair would be one in white leather, a flashback to the 1970s furnishing style.

Last but not least, a white leather armchair is an option. This is an excellent choice for those who enjoy combining different styles and want a highly versatile bedroom.

Armchairs: colour combinations

When considering colour combinations in a bedroom’s furnishings, the chair plays an important role. In a room with dark, chocolate-brown flooring, our advice is to choose an amber-coloured armchair paired with a white piece of furniture. 

But if intense colours such as black, burgundy or blue dominate, you can tone down the overall effect with a grey armchair. In this case, the armchair stands out, thanks to its aesthetics and the harmony that it brings to the space. Guests will surely note this aspect when they spend time in the room.

Armchairs: upholstery and coverings

The latest trend in the hotel industry is focusing anew on the guest rooms and their integral role in the guests’ overall experience. In fact, hotel rooms are usually where guests spend the bulk of their time. For this reason, the armchair becomes a pivotal piece of furniture that can have a significant influence on a guest’s stay. In addition, its design can link the room’s various set elements, such as the drapes, linens and coverings.

In effect, following this trend, the materials with which the armchairs are made and padded are key elements for creating a unique environment with a certain character. Upholstered armchairs are usually made of three elements: the frame, the upholstery materials and the covering. Each of these components is fundamental in a quality armchair that will please even the most sophisticated guests.

While a quality frame ensures that the piece is solid and sturdy, the covering adds versatility. The same structure can be adapted to various furnishing styles using different armchair coverings and pillows with changeable covers. For instance, a lacquered frame and solid-coloured coverings for classic armchairs or a distressed, weathered frame combined with coarse, natural fabrics for shabby chic or vintage armchairs.

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