How to furnish a hotel: general rules

How to furnish your hotel is one of the most important decisions you have to make in the hospitality sector. In our article “How to furnish a hotel: 6 style proposals” , we listed a few basic features of today’s most popular styles. We now offer a brief guide to help you choose among them, analysing the general rules to consider when selecting furniture regardless of the chosen style. The specific elements to be considered will be dealt with in a subsequent article.

Choosing a furnishing style for a hotel: a complex process

When you have to choose a furnishing style for a hotel, there may not always be optimum solutions: the style you want may not be suitable for the structure, location, typical clientele, or may not conform to management needs. That is why it is essential to consider all of these aspects step by step.

Therefore, we define “general rules” as elements that apply to all structures, regardless of the hotel’s location, clientele, and other specific aspects.

How to choose a furnishing style: general rules

In general, you should keep in mind that your choice will have to meet all needs: taste, economic, business, and functional. Therefore, we have broken down the steps and given them a logical order:

  • Cleanliness
  • Functionality
  • Technical standards
  • Restyling of furniture

Furnishing a hotel: cleaning and order

The first general rule for choosing the furnishing style of your hotel is naturally cleanliness: beautiful or ugly, modern or outdated, the hotel must always be clean: even if all functional elements are ignored, the rooms and common areas of the hotel must be cleaned quickly and completely. Therefore, the first thing to consider is the impact of the furnishing style on cleaning operations. For example, choosing fusion style for very small rooms may create a number of problems: in hotels, fusion style usually makes use of many decorative materials, such as knick-knacks, wall decorations, aesthetic lighting, etc. Putting too many objects in a hotel room may complicate cleaning operations. A very large hotel room furnished in minimal style may present similar problems: the space not covered by furniture may gather dust more quickly, with unpleasant results.

Furnishing a hotel: functionality and the guest’s experience

The second general rule is functionality: furnishing a hotel in a precise and attractive style must not make the rooms and common areas less enjoyable. If I choose a classic style for my hotel, with large pieces made of expensive materials, the guest’s ease of movement must not be restricted by accessories. Likewise, if I choose shabby chic style cannot reduce the size of the bed to make room for other pieces of furniture: a large bed is one of the main reasons for customer satisfaction.

Furnishing a hotel: technical and safety standards

The third rule for choosing the furnishing style of your hotel is dictated by technical norms: fire resistance, strength, and non-toxicity standards must be met by all furnishing elements and by the materials chosen for the hotel, regardless of its style. In addition, you have to make sure that the chosen style, and the shapes and materials used to furnish the hotel, do not conflict with individual technical and safety standards. You have to make a very careful preliminary check, with the help of experts if necessary.

Furnishing a hotel: restyling

The last rule for choosing the furnishing style of your hotel regards the ability to change: hotels must be able to constantly change their look by varying the style of their furniture and decoration. All things being equal, hotel furniture must be mobile, i.e., movable within as well as outside the rooms.


The above-described aspects are essential for making an intelligent choice: whatever furnishing style you choose for your hotel, you should make sure it meets the requirements of these general rules.

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