How to furnish a hotel in urban or fusion style

Simplicity is the keyword for understanding how to furnish a hotel in urban style.

Imagination on the other hand is the word that helps us understand how to furnish a hotel in fusion style. Urban style is inspired by famous big city lofts with spacious but not-too-colourful rooms. Fusion style, on the contrary, requires the ability to recreate a perfect mix: bright colours on furniture need to be offset with light, radiant colours on the walls. In both cases, seeking a particular style when furnishing a hotel will address a precise intention: seeking originality as a tool for giving guests with a unique experience. Indeed, it is through differentiation and creating opportunities for stays which differ from those offered by competitors that guest loyalty can be generated, or in any case that positive word-of-mouth communication able to increase the hotel’s perceived value may be activated.

In this article we will suggest how you can furnish a hotel using urban style or fusion style, two of the styles we discussed in our last article on How to furnish a hotel: 6 proposals

How to furnish a hotel in urban style

How to furnish a hotel in urban style? The secret is very simple. Draw inspiration from the style of big metropolises - varied, rich and unusual – that combines furniture from different eras and industrial, contemporary architecture. The first piece of advice is be unique.

This style should be customised with contrasting furniture, such as a vintage chair with sophisticated finishes and a modern table. Or a basic design bed and a crystal chandelier. The choice is up to you, but to understand how to furnish a hotel in urban style, follow some of our advice.

Guidelines for furnish in urban style

For the furniture, various shades of wood, grey, white and black are ideal. The walls, that may be equipped with minimal, modern bookcases, can contrast with the furniture but need to have neutral tones in any case.


Taking up the concept of simplicity once again, remember the importance of placing as few pieces of furniture as possible in the bedroom, a 2 or 4 inconspicuous-door wardrobe, possibly next to a large bed with cushions of different sizes. Cream, burgundy, blue or dark green are the perfect colours for the blankets and bed linen.

The slightly cold setting that the urban style features can, however, be made more cosy by using parquet flooring or large rugs, that should have not-too-vibrant patterns and colours. To decorate the walls, themed prints with streets or cityscapes are excellent, as they create a sort of window on the world of big cities in our house. 

How to furnish a hotel in fusion style

Fusion style is a special furnishing style that consists of mixing different styles of furniture and decoration. The style is characterised by a mix of styles suitable for indoors and outdoors e.g. mixing a more modern style with a more classic, traditional style.

So, a great way to wow your guests with original, chic and very inventive furnishing is certainly to furnish a hotel in fusion style, that deviates especially from the urban style we have just discussed.

Guidelines for furnish in fusion style

So, what are the guidelines for furnishing a hotel in fusion style? The starting point is this style combines different styles of furniture and decoration. So you need only follow your own personal tastes, choose a colour, a period of history or a specific cultural trend, even mixing modern pieces with items that evoke ancient civilisations.

To retain harmony when combining different styles of furnishing, you will need to choose one or two key pieces, not overcrowding the rooms. While fusion style includes bright colours but traditional furniture at the same time, it is important not to overdo it with colour. If the furniture is coloured, best leave the walls light and clean-looking, playing on small furnishing items such as paintings, chandeliers, furniture and rugs.


Customising is the keyword that characterises this style, along with imagination. A piece of old furniture, a colourful throw, a modern painting, a decorative photograph, and an oriental style lamp. So play on colours, and also with the bed – which can be high and in wrought iron, or low, Japanese style – with cushions of different sizes so the bed matches the chair in the room. Also make use of the option to use coloured bed linen featuring original, highly inventive prints.


The choice to furnish a hotel in urban style or in fusion style is a matter of taste, knowledge of your guests and the hotel’s location.

Whatever your decision, the important thing is not to overdo it and to keep within good furnishing taste. 

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