Eco-leather chairs: here’s how to choose and match them

Eco-leather chairs are furniture accessories that can make every setting instantly more elegant and refined, including for hotels, restaurants, representation offices or meeting rooms. This type of upholstery is in fact available in many variations that can fit the chosen room furnishing style and the chair style to perfection.

For example, eco-leather chairs with a chromium-plated steel frame will be perfect in smart, modern settings, perhaps together with metal lamps or sofas in the same colour, while chairs with fine wood legs, padded armrests and classic lines can go very well with refined and eclectic settings.

Why choose eco-leather chairs?

Eco-leather is a material that is now much used in furnishing, especially for upholstery of sofas, chairs, armchairs and beds. Its advantage is that it combines the elegance of leather with the convenience of an easy-to-clean fabric.

Refined, elegant, and very fashionable, eco-leather chairs are also robust and long-lasting, provided you choose a high quality product.

Despite being a synthetic fabric, eco-leather is not at all a poor material but rather has unique characteristics making it practical and functional, as well as pleasant in appearance and to the touch.

Precisely these distinctive traits make eco-leather a very suitable material for turnkey settings, from offices to restaurants. Its strength makes it perfect for environments many people will sit in, just as its ease of cleaning is a key strength considering bars or dining rooms where the food may dirty the seat upholstery.

So, with their infinite opportunities for customisation, eco-leather chairs are perfect in all settings, both domestic and professional, and go with all styles of furnishing, from classic to modern or industrial and shabby chic.

Minimal line chairs fully upholstered in eco-leather, for example, are ideal around a prominent meeting table but can also be the protagonists in a contemporary living room area.

How to match eco-leather chairs

The secret to creating unique settings where design has pride of place is taking care to choose well how to match eco-leather chairs so as to create style continuity and consistency. In fact even in the most imaginative settings, the right chair can turn out to be a piece of furniture that makes the difference.

One idea can be to match eco-leather chairs chromatically with other items present in the same room: for example, in a restaurant it could be interesting to decide to match the chairs with the colour of the table lamps, but also with the bar stools or the waiting area armchairs.

In a hotel with a chic, elegant atmosphere, on the other hand, eco-leather chairs of an important line can be placed near period desks and wood tables to help create a warm and cosy atmosphere.

In professional settings, on the other hand, it is easy to play on shades to give the rooms continuity: for example, a sophisticated burgundy can be the right colour to give character to an office or a conference room, departing from the classic beige and cream tones or browns and blacks, without giving up that touch of professionalism.

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