Find the inspiration for your upholstered chair.

The chair: the true protagonist of the furniture

One of the defining elements of a dining room is certainly chairs. Simple, decorated, stylish or handcrafted, chairs are not just a functional accessory, but a key element of our furnishing.

A chair can add a touch of elegance and personality to the room, above all when you choose specific furnishings, all matching a unique style. In that case, a chair or an upholstered armchair may turn out to be the right enhancement for the room.

Starting from the traditional upholstered wooden chair, Veneta Sedie has created a comprehensive range of innovative models. The common ground is experimentation: creating a design and going beyond the ordinary, drawing inspiration from the material and the shape.

Classic, modern or shabby chic?

Shapes associated with specific feelings, like in the case of the Adelaide upholstered chair, designed with an elegant and sophisticated environment and a jazz atmosphere in mind, 

or of Wendy, combining a touch of Shabby Chic with the accuracy of finishings. 

Our range also includes Brianzola, a classical name conveying the solidity of a production that looks towards the future.

If you wish to discover the whole Veneta Sedie portfolio, visit our website and find inspiration for your upholstered chair.