A selection of pieces for an original living room furniture

How could it be a perfect living room furniture? 

Everyone will have his/her ideas that come out from the memories of childhood, the style of the house where he had lived and the suggestions of famous interior designer on magazines.

In addition to the good taste of everyone, in this article we give you some basic rules for the living room furniture and the advices of Veneta Sedie in the choice of furnishings to create a functional and comfortable space.

First of all it is important to have in mind the style and the desired results: a living room as an oasis of serenity or a space to show to friends and guests? 

Then, once you have understood if your style is more classical or modern, you can start exploring to find some ideas for the living room furniture.

Once you made a choice about the furniture for your living room, that has to follow your personality and lifestyle, the second step is to place the biggest furniture and adapt the colors of wall and floor to your style to give a character to your living room, without looking at fashion.

With just few clicks Veneta Sedie suggests you a wide range of chairs, sofas, armchairs and table to complete or furnish from zero your living room. 

To enriche the interior design of the living room furniture, the Michy Extension table

can be the ideal solution for a modern style, instead the Queen Anne can be right for a more classical one. 

As regards wooden chairs, the choice ranges from warm colours of the Eva chair to the more neutral colours of the modern Anemone model.

Without forget that now it is possible to mix different styles to obtain a very balanced house.

If the aim is only to renew or complete the living room furniture, you can think about the purchasing of little furnishings to insert in empty spaces. If buying a sofa or a table is a long time investment, in this case you can be guided only by your fantasy, playing with curtains, texture, paintings, pillows, lights and small furnishings. 

The only advice is to avoid exaggeration, especially in small environments.

Thank to advices and solutions by Veneta Sedie, choose your living room furniture will be very funny and simple and you can create an environment to live according to your style and personality: eclectic, minimal, classic or modern… we have the furniture for every need!