Louis XVI armchair: a classic for an elegant environment

This is a classic in the full sense of the term. A Louis XVI armchair is ideal for a stately, dignified environment but also fits in well in a shabby-chic decor. In addition, the chair is perfect in a modern setting and comes in various models, which each featuring exquisite details.

The Louis XVI armchair can be upholstered in a range of fabrics and many wood finishes are also available. Yet the most appealing feature of this chair is its ability to dress up any room and accentuate the surrounding furnishing accessories.

The Louis XVI furnishing style

The Louis XVI furnishing style, which emerged around 1765, features straight lines and simple, geometric shapes influenced by Greek and Roman classicism. The Louis XVI style is more understated and subtler than other styles. Yet this doesn’t preclude an elegant presentation and a focus on every last detail.

This style typically features colourful exotic woods, such as mahogany and ebony. Chairs and tables are covered in pure silk fabric with floral, leaf or damask patterns.

A Louis XVI armchair is also distinguished by its decorative carvings. In addition to the rigid frame characterized by rigor, the chair offers a wide range of ornamental motifs, making it that much more appealing. The ornamentation showcases classic motifs such as drapery, garlands of leaves and bows. But unusual motifs can also be found, such as pearls or heart rays. Nature and plants also inspire the ornamentation.

The Italian version of the Louis XVI style is more restrained but retains elements of the rocaille style in the inlay decorations. On this boot-shaped peninsula, the furniture pieces tend to be made of light-coloured woods, such as cherry, boxwood, walnut and rosewood. The legs on the chairs and tables are cylindrical, turned or tapered. The armrests, however, are slightly curved, while the backs are always straight.

Veneta Sedie’s Louis XVI armchair

Veneta Sedie’s Louis XVI armchair is particularly sturdy since it’s composed of curved and not shaped elements. This specific feature guarantees that the back will hold up well and is impact resistant. In fact, the chair’s sturdiness has been certified by CATAS, a laboratory that performs quality assurance tests for the furniture industry.

In recent years, stackable Louis XVI armchairs have been developed. When chairs furnish a space that is frequently set up and then taken down, this is a highly useful feature. Stackable chairs can also be moved easily from one location to another. For this reason, Veneta Sedie has created a chair has an S-shaped side stretcher that allows up to three chairs to be piled one on top of the other. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, stackable chairs simplify cleaning.

This Veneta Sedie chair model features minizinken technology for the joints. This advanced technology ensures joint stability over time, regardless of temperature changes and/or humidity due to the various climate conditions in which the chairs are used.

The Louis XVI armchair is always in style

Chairs in the Louis XVI style are widely praised for their longevity. This is due primarily to the quality and types of wood used. These wood varieties create a durable, solid chair but also allow for seemingly infinite decorative styles. For this reason, the modern Louis XVI armchair is a favourite choice among armchairs designed for bedrooms. And not to be overlooked is the opportunity to use the unique wood shade of mahogany, which add an exotic touch for a truly original armchair.

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