Louis XVI chairs: aristocratic elegance for every setting

A symbol of elegance and refinement, Louis XVI style chairs make every setting luxurious. With their carvings, decorations and unmistakable medallion-shaped backs, for centuries they have been used to furnish living rooms and match valuable tables. But anyone who thinks they are only used in opulent, formal settings is mistaken. Their vintage lines are in fact the protagonists of daring  experimentation and unexpected transformations which have given new life to Louis  XVI style chairs, making them more suitable for contemporary settings also.


Louis XVI chairs: features

The main feature distinguishing Louis XVI style chairs is the round back emulating the Empire style which was popular in France in the second half of the 1800s. The curved wood frames mouldings, studs and trimmings which define the fabric upholstery, giving the back itself a sense of depth and maintaining a neat, refined style, attentive to the smallest detail. Like the backrest, the seat can also be padded for greater comfort.

The legs of Louis XVI chairs are turned and slender, solid and elegant, and often have grooves which enhance their thickness. The same working is also found on the armrests, when present on the chair.


Louis XVI chairs in current settings

These chairs, inspired by the famous French king’s  court, express all the love of classicism in a sober, geometric way, but are also perfect in sophisticated, modern settings. Not only in the study and the living room but also in the kitchen: the harmony and sinuosity of their forms are well suited to combination with clean-cut and linear tables. And their great comfort also makes Louis XVI chairs perfect for public places, such as bars and restaurants, or prestigious conference halls.

With their rich details and baroque soul, chairs of this type are perfect in settings with a strong, confident character, inspired by tradition but stimulated by the beauty and innovation of the latest in design. 

Some might argue that Louis XVI style chairs are cumbersome and not so suitable for smaller spaces, but there are now also smaller versions which adapt easily to the features of today’s home environments. And in some cases, design innovation has even created chairs like the Louis XVI Stacking, which is stackable and easy to move.

This feature is perfect for anyone needing to

  • move chairs easily from one place to another
  • group them together for deep cleaning
  • set up and dismantle quickly.

In catering, for example, operators will find this model the perfect chair for creating settings of great scenographic impact, combining elegance with the functionality of a chair which can be moved easily at any time.

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