Modern wood furniture

Modern wood furniture: suggestions for choosing the best quality

A piece of furniture is like a symphony, a combination of chosen notes grouped together as a tune released into the air in simple harmony. We choose a style, we make it our own, expressing passions and tastes and evoking it in all corners of our spaces.

Wood furniture offers much inspiration for those who are pursuing a modern style. Veneta Sedie captures the essential aspects of wood, proposing it in shapes and contours designed in modern style, with plenty of new ideas.

Ideas for modern wood furniture

Chairs, tables, sofas, benches and stools: a whole set of furnishing accessories, designed for the most demanding requests, with the clear aim and commitment to combine quality with refinement. Let's take Marilyn as an example: an inspiration in essential design, a modern style that is re-introduced in the Color Play collection.

A rich selection of the best ideas for furniture, where colour interacts with the cut of items, creating an incredible effect of contours. Edera, for example, is eye-catching in serious shades for wood furniture with a modern twist.

With Color Play, Veneta Sedie expresses fantasy and shows its daring choice of colours and shapes. Margot represents simple furniture, with clear-cut, linear inspiration that recalls essential design and meticulous details.

Come and discover many other ideas by Veneta Sedie for your home, a collection full of surprises, which will inspire you to harmoniously create your special and modern wood furniture.