New catalogues 2016

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New catalogues 2016


It was a long research that brought us here, a research that started from wood that has always been our companion for excellence. We have studied new forms, new models, new lines; we shaped the wood to achieve them, we combined colors and fabrics to finish and upholster the forms.
Every chair, every table, every accessory has its own story, which meets with the other stories in three different lines that we propose to you: Luxury, Shabby Chic and Color Play.


Our products are the result of our passion and relationship with our territory, about this we decided to set them right here, in our countryside, in farms, villas, in our museums, theaters, that best represent us. We have embarked on a long photographic journey bringing our chairs to know the places that surround us,seeking emotions and vibrations that we want to even make your. Proud of the route taken and the results obtained, we can only share with you the impressions, anticipating a preview of the online version of our three areas of taste.


Comfort of rigorous elegance, of refined pleasure. 
Ornaments, damasks, gold and silver finishings: Luxury collection’s classic allure features finely crafted pieces of furniture adorned with floral patterns, delicate colors, soft leather and luminous fabrics.

Shabby Chic

The appeal of objects enriched by memories, by crystallized feelings.
A romantic style with a bohemian touch, a sweet and feminine allure, an ethereal and delicate aesthetics: Shabby Chic features tenuous shades, finishings showing the wood texture, patterns and colors inspired by flowers and nature.

Color Play

The authenticity of an instinctive aesthetics, of a spontaneous expression.
Breaking the old standards, playing with styles: Color Play is lively glamour, a fresh and dynamic mood characterized by innovative contrasts. Classic designs meet iridescent fabrics and exclusive patterns, floral prints become stylised and contemporary, finishings enhance the vivid colors and the geometric patterns.

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