“La Sedia Buona” - “The Good Chair”

"I decided to apply for the Veneta Sedie workshop "La Sedia Buona" to get involved, to improve my skills and to closely know what an Italian company can offer to young people."

Fabio, 29, Architect

During the weekend, on the 20 th, 21st and 22nd October, “La Sedia Buona” design workshop took place and saw ten young architects and designers coming from all over Italy visiting the production area of Casale di Scodosia to question an important and contemporary theme: "Is it still possible to produce value from processing waste?"

The task: design a sustainable chair born from the processing waste of our production to give new value to the raw material otherwise disposed as a waste.

"I was very happy to have been selected for the workshop for my interest in the topic of parametric design; this has been a great opportunity to expand my professional modeling skills into an innovative digital manufacturing lab. "

Giulia, 29, Architect

The teachers and tutors of the digital workshop laboratory PoPlab, which hosted the workshop on Saturday and Sunday, assisted us and designers with knowledge and dedication, for an intensive creative marathon approach to the topics and techniques of the Parametric Environmental Design (PED).

"I consider the work mode as an important feature of the workshop, which drives perfect strangers to join and team up to achieve a common result; so you can get to know new colleagues and test yourself in a very challenging and funny framework. "

Alba, 27, Architect

Ten designers, divided into five couples, in direct contact with technologies 4.0, began to know each other and work together in a wood-based laboratory atmosphere where they could design prototypes with 3D printers, CNC mills and laser cutter.

Everything started in the big work table with all the pieces of scrap from where designers began to draw ideas and considerations, confronting each other, with the common goal of propose something new, sustainable, and at the same time conjoint to the story and passion told by all of our chairs.

"La Sedia Buona” Workshop presents a winning model that gives participants the opportunity to collaborate directly with the company and to know the market and its needs through a perfect meeting between creativity and business."

Ginevra, 28, Architect

The workshop started on Friday afternoon with an introduction to the story, values and production model of Veneta Sedie by Simone Rosa who, with our staff, guided the designers to discover our Casale di Scodosia plant. Nicola Faggion, instead, with Federica and Luigina, later joined them on the next two days in PoPlab to provide them with all the information about the origin of the machining scraps and the company's production constraints.

During the workshop we were also assisted by De-LAB, an inclusive business, social innovation and ethical business communication laboratory, who accompanied us in this innovative project and placed it in the path that we, in Veneta Sedie, are following to research a 360° sustainability business.

"For me, sustainability means trying to reuse, in my project, resources that would otherwise be lost, with the goal of decreasing as much as possible the level of existing entropy."

Elena, 24, Designer

"Today I think there is a coordination problem between what already exists and what is produced and for me the only solution could be the adoption of a sustainable approach, focusing on the entire production cycle, from the beginning to the end."

Maria Rosaria, 27, Designer

It was very interesting for us to share our values and our approach with the new generations and those who will be tomorrow's professionals. Meeting them, knowing a new perspective on such important issues as the sustainability of the production cycle, finding firm beliefs and mature knowledge for what would somehow represent their future job mission filled us with joy and gave us the confirms that we are too on the right track.

"It is necessary to think a priori on the sustainability theme, it is certainly a dominant theme in the world of design and architecture for resource saving"

Emy, 25, Architect

On Sunday evening, at the end of this exciting journey that kept us breathless until the end, in front of ten exhausted but satisfied expressions, we have decreed the winning couple of the workshop "La Sedia Buona".

The jury, made up Simone Rosa, Nicola Faggion and Enrico Rosa of Veneta Sedie, with Valentina Temporin and Enrico Di Munno of PoPlab, and our special guests, the two architects Alex Trivella and John Volpato, were unanimous in defining all the projects excellent and all the ideas extremely interesting, creative and sustainable.

The designers developed many different ideas, from modular stools to reclined chairs, from combinations of elements to stratification, and at the end Amalio and Eva had the best with the "JIRO" project, for what they were rewarded and applauded by the whole jury. Their idea was particularly in line with the workshop's objectives for the high level of waste material recovered, the creativity and the peculiarities of the design process.

Ginevra and Maria Rosaria have instead received a special mention for their "GREG" project that the Veneta Sedie team considered important as a "sustainability icon" for future projects.

"We are still paying the costs of an unsustainable past, and so is important to declining as much as possible the contemporary production with natural material to recover the lost time."

Eva, 25, Architect

"It is necessary to design and produce sustainable objects with a few processes, as well as beautiful."

Amalio, 28, Designer

The evening ended with a well-deserved toast of greeting and an aperitif made for the occasion with Enoteca San Daniele da Serafino, who accompanied the designers throughout the all creative marathon with the excellence of our territory.

Thanks again to all our staff and partners, we are renewing our congratulations to the participants of "La Sedia Buona" design workshop inviting you to meet them at Open Factory on Sunday, November 26th, where we will open again our showroom doors to talk about the circular economy and with the occasion we will present the projects that, thanks to their sustainability development process, are particularly close to this world.

See you soon…

"You do not throw an object with which you establish a link, which has a story to tell."

Luca, 25, Designer

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