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SEDIE SCOMODE – reading 

In a summer evening, we opened our showroom doors, with our most beautiful chairs to welcome in the Venetasedie's garden that become a stage under the stars for the second event of the #saperfarefarsapere show - L'Accademia Venetasedie.

There is a social innovation lab, a theatrical reading made for our reality and the involvement of the whole community around us, starting from the associations that operate in the territory. This was the social theater evening organized on June 29th with De-LAB, which now leads us in the program devoted to corporate sustainability which this exhibition represents only a step.

On stage, the author Margherita Monga and the actress Giulia Cailotto, both graduated at Paolo Grassi School of Dramatic Art in Milan, who have masterly written and interpreted a monologue based on the role of the chair in the history of the theater, starting with Greek tragedies, Passing through the Roman arenas and the dark ages to the present day, in which the chair can also become a tool to overcome the stereotypes and barriers generated by the diversity on stage, as in life.

"Sedie scomode is a De-LAB concept that develops the relationship between the chair and its host, providing the public with legitimate motivations for a chair to be irreverent.

The goal of the concept is to tell how the chair accompanies people's lives in important moments of existence, becoming a growth and personal maturity companion. "So Lucia Dal Negro, founder of De-LAB, presented the evening next to Enrico Rosa, who has reiterated that for Veneta Sedie being a company is also "declining our business and our products to the needs we perceive in the world around us, in our territory, with the will to keep an ever-living dialogue with the community around us."

Some associations of the area took part in the evening, including the Cooperativa La Vela Onlus and the Centro Servizi per anziani Scarmignan, invited to offer their guests a fun and stimulating evening to share with the whole community; Because, as reiterated during the evening by Lucia Dal Negro, "the theater tool within a path of social innovation has above all the goal of creating inclusion around a stage, making dialogues with worlds that normally seem to have nothing in common."

At the end of the evening we shared applause, smiles, comments and impressions about the show around a cocktail with our products of local excellence: The Azienda Agricola Marcon in Montagnana fruits, the bakery products of the Gran Forno Di Zorzan Stefano in Urbana, the Prima Luna wine by Ponte al Masero winegrowers, the Spritz delle Basse made with 100% apple juice from Castelbaldo bio apples, Bitter, Malvasia Bianco Wine by Ponte al Masero Viticoltori and the SCHIVANOIA Beer by Birrificio Agricolo Busa dei Briganti in Cinto Euganeo.

Expressing a sincere thanks to all those who attended the evening and friends who wanted to be with us at this time of community participation, we will return in September with the next step in our #saperfarefarsapere session, which will hold as many surprises and opportunities of meeting and sharing.

Good summer at all!

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