Shabby chic chairs: our recommendations for making a wise selection

Soft colours, a romantic atmosphere, rustic decorations and naturally time-worn finishes: these are the elements behind a shabby chic decor in which the furnishings play a key role in creating the overall look.

In particular, chairs are a very important element when designing the perfect shabby chic environment. The colours and arrangements evoke Provençal villages and country houses, a timeless and romantic style.

Shabby chic has become increasingly popular in the last few years, particularly among women. Noted for its light-filled, soft and feminine aspects, the style discreetly incorporates patterns, pastels, light-coloured furniture and recycled pieces to create a look that’s both classical and retro. This rustic yet elegant decor is fitting for a holiday farmhouse in the countryside, a bed and breakfast tucked along a lane in a quaint village or a charming country house ideal for a relaxing weekend or hosting a simple yet chic wedding in a delightful setting.

Shabby chic chairs: how to choose the right chair

Selecting the proper shabby chic chair is a weighty decision that should be pondered carefully, just as the choices among coloured porcelain tiles, distressed furniture and light fabrics. The various models are seemingly infinite, from rustic to upholstered, basic to coloured. Each contributes in its own way to defining a markedly harmonious environment.

Flowers, polka dots and stripes are absolute musts for creating a shabby chic decor. Soft and pastel colours are also indispensable and particularly well suited for upholstering chairs, armchairs, ottomans and small sofas.

When choosing shabby chic chairs, the first question to ask yourself is where the chairs will be placed. Different aspects must be considered when selecting chairs for a sitting room as opposed to those that will go with a dining room table. For example, in the first case, you could opt for chairs with upholstered backs and armrests, whereas for the dining room, chairs with cushioned seats and straight backs are preferable so diners can enjoy their meal in complete comfort.

In turn, if you want to decorate a porch for serving breakfast, cocktails or dinner while watching the sun set, you could pick out some classic rustic wooden chairs with woven straw seats, perhaps painted in a subtle, soft shade or with a time-worn finish for an original effect.

What colours are best for shabby chic chairs?

The colours of nature, intimate settings, and recycled furniture and materials inspire the shabby chic style: bright white, simple and unadorned wood, green plants and colourful flowers. The shades of the upholstered chairs, sofas and armchairs should also be selected from a subtle, tasteful palette.

Aficionados of pastel colours will be spoilt for choice, from the sea’s endless shades of blue to a lawn’s array of greens, from colours similar to the pink of a cherry blossom to the lilac of a wisteria and the lavender fields of Provence. Matching these colours with wood will create an environment that transports you into a distant, peaceful world, ideal for relaxing and reflecting.

Those who prefer neutral tones, in turn, can focus on upholstered chairs in the various shades of beige and dove grey. You can dabble with patterns, flowers, tiny polka dots and understated, refined textures that can also be repeated in other fabrics within the space. The chairs’ upholstery, in fact, can echo the colours and patterns of the curtains, lamps and cushions in a continual, well-calculated dialogue among the elements for creating harmony and atmosphere.

Yet there are no hard and fast rules prohibiting bold and contrasting combinations. A modern glass and wood table can be reborn by surrounding it with pastel shabby chic chairs, while an old table in its natural colour can be paired with simple, refined white chairs with carved backrests that add pizzazz to the overall style.

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