Stools: various styles for furnishing cafés, hotels and restaurants

Stools are types of chairs that can add character to any setting and, at the same time, optimize spaces that would otherwise be unusable or rarely used. For example, stools lined up along a bar’s counter can create a new space for sipping cocktails or eating a quick lunch, a less expensive alternative to sit-down dining in the main room. Even a small establishment can create additional seating by simply placing some stools along a wall-mounted table.

Let’s run down what you should consider when selecting stools and the characteristics of the most popular stool styles.


Selecting the right stool for your establishment

A stool has to be comfortable and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Thus, the frame and quality of the materials play a fundamental role in the selection of the right stool for your establishment.

To ensure that the seat is both comfortable and stable, a stool has to be equipped with front, side and back supports. In addition to keeping the stool’s legs from bending, these supports serve as footrests. Usually they are made of the same material as the stool and can be matching or contrasting to add another design touch to this particular piece of furniture. Padded stools, in turn, are ideal in settings in which comfort and ergonomics are vitally important, such as lounges.

Factoring in the establishment’s decor, stools with backrests can be another option. This back support makes a stool more comfortable but also usually heavier and more difficult to move. Classic styles usually have backrests, but it’s also true that this addition isn’t well suited for every decor. Industrial and vintage stools, for example, often have quilted upholstery, while modern stools sport a more linear, contemporary look.

Another variable to carefully consider when choosing stools is whether or not armrests are included.  Armrests embellish the overall look of many classic styles. But modern stools, instead, often don’t have armrests in order to emphasize the clean, slender lines and enable the use of the seat in various positions. Space restrictions also need to be factored in. Stools with armrests take up more space than those without and often can’t be slid under the bar, for instance. In tight spaces, therefore, stackable stools are the answer. 

Finally, you can select swivel seat stools. Outfitted with a mechanism that allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees, these stools are not only comfortable but add a dynamic element to the classic stool, particularly those with a minimal style. 


Stools for every style

Just as you’ll find with chairs, there are a wide variety of stools that will go well with the various furnishing styles. In fact, from classic stools with carvings and decorations to sleek, contemporary models, there’s a stool that will enhance every furnishing decor.

The stool’s material is key in determining the appropriate style. Wood stools fit in beautifully in classic environments, while those in metal are best suited for establishments with a modern or vintage decor. No one is stopping you, however, from letting your creative juices flow by combining different materials to create a modern, one-of-a-kind style.

In restaurants, cafés and hotels, the right stool will fit in wonderfully in interiors with designs ranging from traditional to contemporary. Selecting a stool of the highest quality is important since this seat will be used by a large number of people and also has to meet the practical and functional demands of these highly trafficked settings.

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