Tips for choosing the right finishing elements of a wooden chairs.

When our gaze rests on a wooden chair, there are two details that strike us at the first glance: its structure and the material employed for its finishing.

Not just the shape captures us in its entirety: a wooden chair is appreciated because it represents the union of the material elements with essential shapes. Wood and fabric should create a unique element.

Chairs and armchairs, benches and stools, tebles: in the wide collection of Veneta Sedie creations, each model tell us a story and is connected to a different context.

Veneta Sedie gathered a solid experience in the processing of beech wood, a material chosen for the production of all its chairs and wooden furniture elements. The company joined its experience to a continuous search for beauty and refined, developing a design centre.

In the Design centre of Veneta Sedie, every wooden structure, each stem and unfinished wooden chair has a great potential and get dressed with style. The warm material effect of wood is joined to cloth and refined fabrics, characterised by important weave and finishings with classical, modern or shabby chic inspirations. The deep knowledge of wood and its forms lead to the choice of the best selections of fabrics, to dress wooden shapes enriching them with an exclusive value.

Let's take for example into consideration Gardenia armchair, an inspiration that addresses to the modern, a simple style with well-defined forms that fits in a modern setting or becomes a contrasting element in a modern space.

Gardenia armchair

Love, a hymn to the feeling, in a chair with sinuous and soft shapes. Wood is tinged with changing colours that blend with fine materials, elegant fabrics that add value to the chair and its simplicity.

Love chair

Soft and delicate colours, an armonic nuance that embraces the passion for elegance with fresh colours. Nea in the colour play inspiration is a chair realized with a wooden structure and defined with bright and unique tones.

Nea chair and armchair

Discover Veneta Sedie collection, a wide selection of wooden products, realised with a versatile design, to satisfy the different furnishing and market needs.