Upholstered chairs for living

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The characteristics that a chair must have for being a good seat for the living room depending on the style, environment, colors and of course, taste.
These are the first variables that we considered in the choice of the piece of furniture, but not before this question: who is the first, the chair or the living room?

In the collective imagination the chair is a complementary accessory, however, we like to imagine it as the protagonist of the living room. It can lay down the colors, it can define a style of furniture, it can contrast with other furniture to create a unique and personalized effect.
The chair embodies usefulness and delight, a bright color or a particular coating can be the factor to giving life to living room.
Even in traditional or classic style, a chair can create an imbalance element that actually detects winning.
A special chair has the power to tell a story, to be evocative, to convey emotions through the colors, to convey tranquility and serenity with its shapes.

We see how, through the styles to which we inspired, the upholstered chair for the living room can become a starting point for furnish.

Upholstered chairs for the living room in Luxury style

For those who like to enter in the living room and feeling in his kingdom, in a sophisticated elegance, surrounded by rich fabrics and refined manufacturing rich in details. Every chair in luxury style brings a unique value to the interior.

Upholstered chairs for the living room in Shabby Chic style

For those who's nostalgics, romantics, for those who live between past and present. For those who see in their living room a place to relive the best moments in front of a nice fire, sitting in a chair that fits perfectly with the rest and which furnishes the living room with style.

Upholstered chairs for the living room-style Color Play

The upholstered chairs for the living room that marry the Color Play style is definitely for those who love contemporary, for those who aspire to a glamorous product both in form and color. Something unique, original and creative, a piece of furniture that speak up.

Discover all upholstered chairs to furnish the living room, divided by inspiration. Let yourself be guided by your taste and your instinct.