Upholstered chairs with armrests: choose the perfect one for your style

Upholstered chairs with armrests are furniture items synonymous with comfort and elegance, that are rooted in family traditions. This type of seat, broader and more comfortable than others, allows a more relaxed posture consistent with the shape of the torso and arms. Precisely for this reason, they were positioned in the dining room and the oldest and wisest diner was usually seated in one.

Today, however, it is normal to find upholstered chairs with armrestsinother rooms also, such as offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms and reading corners. According to the use and location, from the many available styles we can choose the one that suits our setting best: the chair material, upholstery fabric, paint colour and much more.

Read on to discover which upholstered chairs with armreststo chooseto furnish settings in classic style, shabby style, vintage style and modern style: choosing the perfect chair for all of your areas will be easy with our advice.


Classic style

Classic style furnishing uses warm colours, soft lines and precious details to create elegant, relaxed settings. Classic upholstered chairs with armrests are in fact the perfect piece for furnishing with style dining rooms, living rooms, halls andwarm, comfortable areas featuring a sophisticated and timeless atmosphere.

The soft shapes of the upholstery, warm colours of the wood, and floral, striped or sophisticatedly patterned fabrics lend themselves very well to modern reinterpretations in tune with contemporary furnishing trends.

Upholstered chairs with armrestsare a detail that can make the difference and give strong character to every space: for example, the Queen Anne style is the perfect upholstered wooden chair for creating elegant, settings of past times, evoking the charm of noble residences and historic palaces, used at the head of the table in addition to as a single furniture piece.


Shabby style

Shabby style upholstered chairs with armrests are the ideal choice for anyone wanting to create a Provencal atmosphere, perhaps in a cosy country B&B.

Shabby style is a trend that has established itself in recent years. It takes its inspiration from the villages of Provence, the countryside, and elegant, timeless romanticism.

Light colours, delicate patterns and natural materials are distinctive features that characterise the shabby style and make it instantly recognisable. The perfect combination is chairs in bleached or distressed wood withupholstery featuring striped fabric, checks, polka dots or little flowers for the seat, backrest and armrests.

Shabby upholstered chairs with armrests will be ideal in a bright dining room around a big rustic table, and also for furnishing a living room reading corner.


Vintage style

Vintage style is very fashionable at the moment, both for furnishing lofts and apartments and for creating shops, bars and restaurants. With its industrial influences, this style combines modernity and retro touches to create very appealing locations.

Vintage upholstered chairs with armrests areperfect for furnishing settings inspired by linearity, that revisit elements of the past with a modern interpretation. The materials are classic ones, ranging from wood to leather, used to create areas suspended in an indefinite time dimension, with an exclusive and never dull style.

Perfect for this type of setting are chairs with armrests embellished with studs and trimmings, with wraparound backrests and quilted effect buttoned finishes, such as the Margot upholstered chair.


Modern style

Design tables, big windows, linear furniture, bright finishes and minimalist settings: furnishing in modern style means choosing the contemporary, focusing on the functionality of items and essential lines.

In this type of setting, chairs also become a key furniture item that can characterise spaces: upholstered chairs with high, square backrestscan give classic tables a touch of modernity, while chairs with distinctive armrestsare the perfect complement for a modern, linear table.

In recent years, upholstered chairs have lost their original table accompaniment connotation and have become furniture also used as “stand alone” pieces to embellish corners and niches. These are modern upholstered chairs of contemporary design that differ from classic chairs with their smooth, linear armrests. They are perfect for furnishing homes and offices, but also for characterising public places. This style of chair is in fact ideal with coffee tables and desks or in meeting rooms.

The latest design innovations have enabled us to create stackable upholstered chairs with armrests, thus allowing considerable space-saving. This type of seat is perfect for bars and restaurants where chairs often need to be moved for cleaning to be done, as well as for conference rooms whose function can be changed very quickly.

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