Handcrafted chairs for contract

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Florence, in the room the light enters persistent. It shines from heaven and Arno’s water’s reflection. The atmosphere is charming, exciting, everything attracts an exciting journey discovering art.
To admire this show we all can feel comfortable in one of the many seats by VenetaSedie that furnish with style and character the Ville sull'Arno hotel...

An original concept

Ville sull'Arno is an unusual and prestigious luxury hotel, with a particular attention to details, in a corner of the wonderful Florence.
Spaces and interior design are conceived as environments that evoke the charm of nature, the warmth of the Florence’s noble houses and the Italian taste for a sober and sophisticated elegance.

Handcrafted chairs for contract

All the seats of the restaurant, the living area and the suites have been designed understanding the needs of the design studio. The products are unique and fully customized, we designed and created them to meet all the requirements and to realize a quality chair with a competitive price.

Ideal partner for the contract service

Our production standards, the link with tradition and, at the same time, the advanced production techniques make us the ideal partners for the contract customer. Our design center works closely with product and interior designers to better understand them and offer flexibility and customization capabilities of the handmade product. The best fabrics enrich the wood and create a unique and original product.

The skills passed down through years of activity and the desire to satisfy our customers while maintaining competitive prices made Venetasedie, in the last years, partner of many sectors of the contract: from the best brands in the marine industry, to luxury, hospitality and fashion.

Chairs, tables and furnishing accessories are expression of style, elegance and design, identifying mark of every Venetasedie creation.

Sitting in any chair of Ville sull'Arno you will feel surround by nature, or in another era, and you will enjoy your trip ... even the chairs have a story to tell.