How to choose the right wood furniture

Furnishing with wooden accessories means choosing among a wide range of elements: chairs, tables, benches, stools, sofas and armchairs.

Let's focus now on the protagonist of many furniture environments: the right choice not only for luxury spaces with a classic style, but also for interiors with a modern touch: the armchair.
Simple or luxury spirit: with its innate elegance, it is the perfect element also for the most tough spaces, thanks to its versatility in placement.

Voluminous and enveloping shapes, alternate with simple and light shapes: Veneta Sedie suggests a collection of wooden armchairs, full of models, suitable to the need of everybody.

The wooden soul of each armchairs is worn by precious details in the Luxury inspiration collection. The elegance is manifested in the choice of finishes with rich fabrics, damask and decorated. One element to embellish the living room or customize with a touch of elegance a waiting room.

Plaza wooden armchair

Bright harmony: the shabby chic style, rediscovered from the 80s and born from the French technique of the pickled, can turn a simple wooden chair in a valuable design element. A wooden chair in shabby chic style is perfect in a well-lighted area: it is the light that makes its delicate finishes shine.

Blanche wooden armchair

Colour is passion. Color Play by Veneta Sedie is discover style combined with the vitality of unexpected nuances. Mira is the chair belonging to Color Play inspiration: intense colours and strong forms, for modern environments or as a contrasting element in a classic furniture.

Mira wooden armchair

Everything around us is full of life and can express the innate poetry that lies inside us. If we learn to see furniture as an expression of our feelings, it will be easy to discover all the details that enrich wooden accessories present in our home.

Honoré de Balzac wrote: “The principle of an elegant life is a high thought of order and harmony, to convey poetry to things.” The choice of the right wooden furniture, an armchair, a chair or a table may be the best way to let the poetry talk, the same which is hidden in every human spirit.