1962 >

The origins

First steps
Giannino Rosa starts his company’s path by manufacturing handcrafted seats and rocking chairs. 
It is an age of enthusiasm, entrepreneurial spirit and passion: soon the economic boom will allow Veneta Sedie to expand its business and build the first showroom in 1976, a place that today still shares the company’s products aesthetics and history.

1986 >

The turning point

Veneta Sedie Production
1986 is a turning point: in Casale di Scodosia, surrounded by green lawns and a peaceful landscape, the very first factory becomes reality, a building that is still home of the entire company’s manifacturing, location and heart of Veneta Sedie Production.

1996 >

The new era

Veneta Sedie Trading
During the '90s the company founds Veneta Sedie Trading in Merlara, a new location to face storing and production needs as well as a new division dedicated to the commercialization of finished product. 
The market is evolving and Veneta Sedie jumps into the new scenario with high quality, unique and specialized products.

2004 >

The new millennium

Web and technology
The new millennium brings technological improvements, the opening to the web and a new future in the company's management: with a strong background and experience, the new generation is now ready to understand the past to draw the company’s future.

2010 >

“The best crisis”

Reflexion and rebirth
When the striking international crisis undermines hope, the reflexion on Veneta Sedie’s roots and values turns hard times into innovation opportunites: disorientation is transformed into awareness and the company overcomes what is now called its “best crisis”.

2013 >

Constant update

Training and research
Veneta Sedie chooses to keep its production in Italy, in order to mantain control over the quality and innovation that have always distinguished its work, as well as to invest in its main resource, people, through training and constant update, and through the attention paid to everyone’s personal and professional growth.

2014 >

New solutions

Top10 and Tailor Made
Listening to market and customers' needs leads to the creation of the Top10 line​, a selection of top products ready to be shipped and commercialized, followed by the ideation of a sartorial production​, developed to meet different tastes and needs and to create common and evolving projects.

2015 >

New collections

Luxury, Shabby Chic and Color Play
Veneta Sedie Trading introduces three new collections characterized by different inspirations: Luxury's refined aesthetics, Shabby Chic's disheveled allure and Color Play's lively colors: three diverse moods interpreted through various finishings and upholsteries.

Present and future >

Harmony and innovation

Two Divisions
Today Veneta Sedie combines two divisions working sinergically as two units fully independent yet deeply interrelated: the Production division, dedicated to the manufacture of ready-to-finish wooden chairs, and the Trading division, focused on products finishing. From the artisanal manufacturing of a single chair per day to thousands of chairs produced every year: today Veneta Sedie looks at the future with proud eyes, always ready to go beyond its limits, strongly aware of the stability and harmony that guide its road.