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    Every single creation stems from the same raw material, wood: an extraordinary and irreplaceable starting point from which to shape our solid and long-lasting products. The value of wood also lies in the wide possibilities for customization, always offering you a product unique in its kind and recognizable by precious details, carefully selected finishes and unique colour effects.

Chairs are an essential element in any environment, combining utility and elegance and also enclosing value and prestige.… Details
wood Armchairs
Furnishing means choosing with style. Veneta Sedie armchairs trace the threads of a classical past and envelop with their… Details
Veneta Sedie sofas are unique pieces of furniture, beautifully detailed to provide comfort and functionality. The structural… Details
Benches and Stools
Benches and stools are complementary products conceived and designed to be combined with Veneta Sedie chairs and tables,… Details
Wood Tables
Veneta Sedie tables match with most of the chairs we manufacture, to furnish by choosing a consistent and refined style,… Details
Wood Accessories
Important details in every room, furnishing accessories have an important role to play: tables, cupboards, consoles, chests… Details