Bianca Maria Palace

Bianca Maria Palace MILAN, ITALY

Bianca Maria Palace Hotel was inaugurated at the end of 2015 and it's an accommodating 4 stars structure where comfort, elegance and technology mix together in a unique setting. The palace was designed by some of the most important architects of the ’40s. The renovation was made by Elena Bozzini, an architect specialized in planning and restoration of tourist structures. Bianca Maria has 100 different types of rooms, like suites or individuals, split in 8 floors, furnished in Italian style and equipped with exclusive details for unforgettable stays.

Restaurant, suites and living zone’s seats were made by Veneta Sedie. We were able to understand the needs of the designer and we made unique and personalized products.

  • Personalized Holly chairs for the dining room, the bar zone and the conference room
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Bianca Maria Palace 's Products collection