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"A spring afternoon of 2002, the bookkeeper of the San Paolo bookstore overlooking the central Vicenza’s Corso Palladio and noticed that although there was many pedestrians, only a small part entered in the bookstore or stopped to look the shop window. He wondered why was happening this and what he could do to change things. He gave an intuition: to change the perspective. Why can’t get out of the shop and meet people?

At the same time, some vicentine parish priests noted that the churchyard was much more frequent than the church; They concluded that it was not enough to stay in wait for people and that it would be more interesting and constructive to move around and move on.

The Festival Biblico born was born like this: From the idea of going out and meeting."

In its 13th edition, the Festival Biblico is renewed and take on the theme of travel. We, Artigiani delle Basse, take this train and don’t miss the chance, a train that go through music, tales, shows, conferences, meetings, places, flavors and people. 

As Artigiani delle Basse group we contributed to make this travel more colorful and enjoyable. With our installations and our chairs we accompanied the guests on their personal trip to the discovery of the Bible, through the places of the Festival, setting up the Dabar, the place of the word, in the Piazza dei Signori, and the San Paolo bookstore in the Loggia del Capitaniato with raw wood boards and colored cans.

"Happy who has the road in the heart" 

Pictures by Alessandro dalla Pozza, Valentina Crema, Nicole Bonfante