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"The Festival is born from the will to transform the “Basse” territory into cultural containers, places that can tell their culture and history and stimulate new forms of social aggregation and inclusion.
Promoted by a network of 30 districts in the provinces of Padua, Verona, Vicenza and Rovigo, the Festival aims to exploit for the tourism the rich material and immaterial heritage of these areas and promote their socio-economic development. "

The Festival delle Basse was born in 2015 and this year it saw its growth in the third edition.
From the San Salvaro Monastery, to our Villa Correr in Casale di Scodosia up to the gardens of the Este Marchionale castle.

We are proud to believed from the very beginning in this cultural project for the valorisation of our territory, our local resources and our people.

Want to know what happened?

The project began with enthusiasm and genuineness in San Salvaro, we have discovered it almost by chance and our contribution has developed with great spontaneity.
We told our territory through our chairs, wood, our raw material, to impart to everyone the value of the land we live in.

Our "colorful chairs" were a success and we continue to provide material for the festival every year.

Last year, with great pleasure, we collaborated with other companies in the territory and we assemble the "Artigiani delle Basseformalizing this fantastic workgroup with which we curated the exhibit of the park and the installation in the "Fabbrica delle Foglie ". We tried to bring the value and history of local production, the artisan’s know how and above all the passion for wood.

Villa Correr was really magical.

This year the Festival delle Basse took place in Este, and with the group we decided to make some interesting installations.

The chairs of the sky, these very high chairs with long legs in pure wood, represent our evolution, the starting point of our work that transforms raw material into something special; The experience gained in so many years of work that allowed us to know this matter as ourselves, to allow us shape it along our imagination.

Picture by Roberto Gioli

Le poesie di legno, le tavole di legno degli artigiani che attraverso la trasmissione della parola comunicano i nostri valori, di singoli e di gruppo, passano il verbo che parliamo a tutti quelli che sapranno ascoltarci. 

Picture by Roberto Gioli

This year Festival delle Basse hold the theme of poetry transmitting emotions through incredible installations, we all are very curious to find out what's going to happen next year, willing to invent something new to impress you again!


1st edition: Ludovico Guglielmo
2nd edition: Yuta Studio / Roberto Gioli
3rd edition: Roberto Gioli