"The best time to plant a tree was twenty years ago; The second best time is now. " African proverb

The European Commission defines corporate social responsibility (CSR) as "a concept whereby companies decide voluntarily to contribute to a better society and a cleaner environment.". (Green Paper - Lisbon 2001 - European Commission)

Being socially responsible doesn’t only means fulfilling the applicable legal obligations, but voluntarily invest in human capital, in environmental protection and in the relationship with partners and stakeholders.

In March 2017 we started a process that we want to lead us to effectively decline this concept into our reality, imagining how it can always be more active and proactive in the territory in which we live.

We think that the interaction between the existing subjects in a community can generate the sharing of wealth and, on the other side, needs we can respond only and always together; we firmly believe that a company could play in this a critical role, triggering virtuous dynamics that stimulate other actors in the territory to engage in liable conduct for the environmental and social aspects.

Corporate social responsibility goes beyond the enterprise perimeter, integrating the local community and involving them along with a wide range of stakeholders in a challenge to allow profitably manage change, reconciling social development with improved competitiveness of the whole territory .

We want to be promoters of a participated "doing business" attentive to the developing dynamics around us, moving further the social and ethical factor from an accessory element to an essential part of our business. In this action we decided to be guided by De-LAB, a Social Innovation Lab that will design new initiatives, will monitor the existing ones and report our efforts to shape a path of social responsibility that generate positive social impacts on the territory.

Within this setting we imagine inclusive paths with the same creativity we design and manufacture our chairs. Just from these we started a few days ago, with the first project that involved all our employees and their families in the exploitation of raw material we work, and in his all forms knowledge.


Saturday, March 18 th, our Merlara headquarters has been the protagonist of a reforestation activity of an approximately 2000 m2 business area.The initiative sees us as actors and promoters of a local project supported by 10 districts located from the Colli Euganei to the Adige river, in the provinces of Padua, Vicenza and Rovigo, we are all involved in an action of exploitation and territorial regeneration.

Ridiamo il sorriso alla Pianura Padana, the name of the project, that has as its goal the planting of 10.000 garden trees and native varieties that will be planted by citizens to reforest the plain, improve the landscape and break down the fine dust.


On March 18 th, 2017 we went out for our territory beside the District of Merlara in a day coordinated by Dr. Jacopo Moro, gardener and agronomist, where in our company took turns a moment of basic training on the evolving gardening technique and the real activities of planting, located in the dedicated outdoor area.

The territorial valorisation activities were introduced by the Deputy Mayor of Merlara, Dr. Matteo Migliorin, which emphasized the importance of this initiative that networks the institutions, citizens and honest businesses in the bet to become active local actors of change.


For the planting of 300 seedlings that we are in charge of planting and tending, on the advice of the expert Dr. Jacopo Moro, we followed the principles of evolutionary gardening, which relies on a French arboriculture technique less invasive, faster and natural, which It does not provide for tilling the soil..

For this reason, in the second part of the morning, we distributed manure on a circular path and then we have it covered with conifer sawdust that we will leave working naturally by moles and earthworms during the next six months.

After preparing the soil, in the months of September and October, we will plant the seedlings that the District gave us, from whom will arise trees, hedges and bushes that will enrich the green surface of Merlara, improving its biodiversity and extension.

We think that to create a long-term impact in the name of corporate social responsibility we have to be persevering and patient, and we want our trees to be the first to teach it to us.

For this reason we started from this initiative included in our path of Corporate Social Responsibility, that we want to verge in accordance with our corporate values and our future vision, within a scenario in which we participate in important decisions we make together with other local actors, professionals and employees.