Imagine differently the territory for a greener and healthier ambient.

On Saturday, March 18th, our Merlara headquarter was the protagonist of a reforestation activity about a 2000 m2 business area.

The initiative sees us promoters and actors of a local project supported by 10 municipalities located between the Euganean and Adige hills, in the provinces of Padua, Vicenza and Rovigo, all involved in an action for valorisation and regeneration of the territory.

Ridiamo il sorriso alla Pianura Padana” – literally means to return the smile on the Po plain - it's the name of the project, that aims to planting 10,000 native garden and field plants , which will be planted by the citizens to reforest the plain, improve the landscape and break down the fine dust.

Here's the video of the day!