"But, is it still possible to produce "value" from processing waste?"

We are wood craftsmen and since the beginning of our business we decided to take care of all the production cycle of our chairs, from the choice of raw material to its disposal.

We carefully catalog any material that is unused or no longer usable. Just focusing on this last action we have been asking for a fundamental question: could it be possible to re-enter the waste cycle by generating new value?

We also believe that only contamination between different worlds could generate valid answers to important questions. For this reason, a few months ago, we decided to collaborate with De-LAB to build a sustainability-oriented business path.

In this stage, called "Veneta Sedie Laboratory", we will create connections for two days with some of our collaborators, a Fablab with digital manufacturing experts based in Rovigo (PoPlab) and 15 young graduates designer, with the aim of sharing skills in order to design "La Sedia Buona" of Veneta Sedie, born using the waste of other chairs’ production.

All information on the page dedicated to the event announcement.