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Open-mindedness. Innovation. Sustainability. Discussion.

These are some of the keywords that were highlighted and shared on the evening of June 28th, during the first night of our session called #saperfarefarsapere - The Veneta Sedie Academy, which saw us interact in our showroom with some young professionals in the world of innovation.

In front of a curious and interesting audience, the innovators have alternated in an intense and engaging debate with Simone Rosa, who has been a landlord representing and tellling the experience of Veneta Sedie in all its shades.

Guests of the evening, Barbara Comuzzi, fabric designer, and teacher at NABA and Domus Academy in Milan, and Valentina Temporin, architect, president and project manager of the PoPlab digital manufacturing lab, which deals with research and development for architecture and design companies.

Next to them, Veronica Magli of De-LAB, a center working in the fields of Inclusive Business, Social Innovation and Corporate Social Communication, that is driving us by a few months in this business sustainability path that we have decided to undertake, and of which the Veneta Sedie Academy is just a step.

"Our work, passion and care with which we produce our chairs, meet the respect for the ambient and the surrounding area: we want to make visible to everyone that these are for us strategic and identity values, placed in the center of a direct confrontation with our community ", so Enrico Rosa introduced the evening, opening up to a shared thinking about how innovation is concerned not only with the product itself but involving the entire production process.

"Innovating without considering the whole production cycle, from the material choose, to the focusing on their provenance, from the energy sustainability, to the process optimization and reuse of waste production, is no longer possible," explained Barbara Comuzzi, quoting some examples she met in his work and finding the consensus in Valentina Temporin's experience, which also emphasized the contamination factor: "In the digital manufacturing world, the process is fundamental, but if it is not shared and participate by every actors it remain sterile. "

"Opening is fundamental in this phase of our journey, and this is the element that has always characterized us and in which we strongly believe, as well as it being our key to expressing Made in Italy in the world," concluded Simone Rosa, remembering some important moments in the Veneta Sedie institution, made possible only by the company will to have solid networks in the territory, always transparent confronting with its interlocutors.

In the centre of this stimulating dialogue, there was also a sensory experience proposed by Barbara Comuzzi, which allow the guests interacting with some fabric samples with which she work daily, explaining their main features and their virtuosity, starting from working practices and contextualizable in the chair world.

An evening with many topics and ideas to reflection, which saw a very involved and interested audience, guests could analyse the argoument even after the debate, which gave space to a direct confrontation with speakers around a tasting cocktail of local excellence products: The Azienda Agricola Marcon in Montagnana fruits, the bakery products of the Gran Forno Di Zorzan Stefano in Urbana, the Prima Luna wine by Ponte al Masero winegrowers, the Spritz delle Basse made with 100% apple juice from Castelbaldo bio apples, Bitter, Malvasia Bianco Wine by Ponte al Masero Viticoltori and the SCHIVANOIA Beer by Birrificio Agricolo Busa dei Briganti in Cinto Euganeo.

Our main satisfaction about this event and about our future moments of sharing with our community comes mainly from the rediscovery of first-person actors in change, which in our case means, as Veronica Magli by De-LAB emphasized " Change perspective and embrace and share a business dimension that is no longer only economical but characterized by a strong social responsibility with a particular attention for the ambient sustainability."